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#REDIRECT [[Fire blade]]
The '''Flame sword''' (or '''fire blade''') is a recurring weapon in the ''[[Dragon Quest (series)|Dragon Quest]]'' franchise.
===''[[Dragon Quest]]''===
The flame sword is a powerful sword that uses the power of fire. It can only be bought at Cantlin/Mercado by unlocking a door to the right side of the town. There will be a soldier there that sells it for 9800 G, along with the silver shield. The user will gain +28 attack when equipped. Due to text restrictions in the Gameboy Color remake of ''Dragon Quest'', Flame Sword was renamed to Flame with a picture of a sword next to it.
{{Shop|header|title=[[Dragon Quest]]|subtitle=NES}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Flame Sword]]|price=9800|attributes=Attack +28}}
===''[[Dragon Quest VI]]''===
===''[[Dragon Quest VII]]''===
The flame sword has an attack bonus of +87 and an appearance bonus of +33. It can be equipped by the [[Hero (Dragon Quest VII)|Hero]], [[Kiefer]], and Aira. When used as a tool in battle, it casts [[Bang]].
===''[[Dragon Quest IX]]''===
{{Equipment|header|image=|name=Fire Blade}}
|notes=Sold in [[Upover]].}}
The Flame Sword provides +83, and can be upgraded into the Inferno Blade after being combined with one Sunstone and three Rockbomb shards.
===''[[Captain N: The Game Master]]''===
In the episode "The Trojan Dragon", both the Flame sword & [[Silver shield]] are both in a cave, and guarded by an [[Axe knight]] until Captain N defeats it.
File:DQ NES Flame sword.jpg|Flame sword as shown in the ''Dragon Quest'' guide.
Image:Captain N using the Flame sword & Silver shield.jpg|Captain N wielding the Flame sword.
Image:Fire Blade.png|Click for higher resolution.
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