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{{Monster Infobox
|title=Garth Goyle
|image=[[Image:Garth Goyle.png|center|180px]]
|caption=Art by [[Akira Toriyama]]
|romanji={{tt|Stone Guard|ishi no bannin}}
'''Garth Goyle''' is a boss in ''[[Dragon Quest IX]]''. He was the result of [[List of minor characters in Dragon Quest IX#Heights of Loneliness|Mason]] eating a [[Fygg]]. He stands to protect [[Zere Rocks]], the last creation of Mason.
|name=Garth Goyle
|game=Dragon Quest IX
|console=Nintendo DS
|romanji= Stone Guard
|bestiaryNumber = 263
|drop=Terrible tattoo (100%)
|description=This stone sentry was created to stand guard over [[Zere Rocks]]. It seems to be looking for someone called [[Mason]]... Having lost its granite guardian, the statuesque town of [[Zere Rocks]] will surely now crumble into dust and blow away...
|location=[[Heights of Loneliness]] - [[Zere Rocks]]
* Just as its role toward [[Zere Rocks]], its Japanese name is 石の番人, the guard of stone.
* His name originally comes from [[wikipedia:Gargoyle|Gargoyles]], rocks that are shaped into monsters.
==Related enemies==
*[[Sculpture vulture]]
[[Category:Dragon Quest IX enemies]]
[[Category:Dragon Quest IX enemies]]
[[Category:Dragon Quest IX bosses]]
[[Category:Dragon Quest IX bosses]]

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