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*[[Giddy gastropog]]
*[[Giddy gastropog]]
*[[Gloomy gastropog]]
*[[Gloomy gastropog]]
[[Category:Dragon Quest IX enemies]]{{Wikia}}
[[Category:Frogs and toads]]
[[Category:Dragon Quest IX enemies]]

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#021 - Gastropog
HP MP Experience Gold
28 0 48 36
Attack Defense Speed
36 48 22
Dropped Item Antidotal herb (common, 1/16)
Toad oil (rare, 1/32)
Locations Zere
Doomingale Forest
Skills Snot Shot
Tongue Lashing
Family Bug
Bestiary # 021
Game Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
Description They slap their sickeningly long tongues across enemies' faces, and eject 'orrible ooze to slow their foes.

The size of their shells dictates their status, and the competition for cool carapaces is fairly fierce.

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