Gown of eternity

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Gown of eternity
Japanese とこしえの法衣
Romaji Tokoshie no haui
Old localizations N/A
Found in Dragon Quest XI
Dragon Quest Tact
Effect Cranks up critical castings

The gown of eternity is a powerful robe based on the ceremonial vestments of an esteemed Alltrades abbess from the distant past.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Gown of eternity DQXI Logo EN.png
Gown of eternity xi icon.png
An ageless robe with the power to send spells spiralling into overdrive. Part of the Set of Eternity
Stats with forge buffs
Defence +100/108/116/125
M. might +43/45/47/50
Charm +105/111/118/125
Haywire spell chance +1/2/3/4%
Price Location
N/A ?
Forging difficulty
Chronocrystal xi icon.png x2 Cumulonimbough xi icon.png x2 Kaleidocloth xi icon.png x2 Pale pearl xi icon.png x3 Red wood xi icon.png x2
Veronica sprite walk.gif

If Veronica equips this along with the Crown of eternity then she will change her appearance and be given the High Priestess accolade.

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

The Gown of Eternity appears as an S-rank piece of armor that can be acquired as part of the limited Dragon Quest XI event by clearing Mega Boss Battle: Mordegon Lord of Shadows on level 11 or higher. It has a Defense bonus of +10, a Wisdom bonus of +7, raises the Runaway Magic chance by 1% and has three slots for Alchemy Effects.