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GreatTree is a location in Dragon Quest Monsters.

Kingdom of GreatTree[edit]

The Kingdom of GreatTree is a kingdom located on a giant tree. As a child, Terry was taken to this location by the spirit of GreatTree, Watabou, in the hopes that he can become a great Monster Master and the representative of the kingdom in the impending Starry Night Tournament.

As the Night of the Starry Night Tournament draws near, the kingdom will experience earthquakes. These earthquakes change the demographics of the kingdom, giving Terry access to more locations as the game progresses.


At the highest point in the kingdom lies the palace. The King of GreatTree resides here, along with the majority of his top servants. The palace also serves as the return point for whenever Terry leaves a Traveler's Gate dungeon. The palace holds the entrances for the Monster Farm, the Chamber of Traveler's Gates, and a secret passageway for the room of the Medal Master.

Chamber of Traveler's Gates[edit]

The left stairway near the entrance of the palace leads to the Chamber of Traveler's Gates. The chamber hosts the majority of the Traveler's Gates that Terry will explore (all other available gates are hidden across the kingdom). When Terry first has access to the chamber, only the Room of Beginner will be accessible. As Terry progresses into further classes in the Arena, more gates will be accessible.

A list of Traveler's Gates can be found here.

Monster Farm[edit]

The right stairway near the entrance of the palace leads to the Monster Farm. The Monster Farm is the location where Terry's Monsters stay when not in his current party. The Monster Farm is managed by Pulio. At the start of the game, nearly all the monsters in the farm escaped, including Hale, a Healslime that is the king's favorite monster. Terry's first quest is finding Hale in the Gate of Beginner so that Pulio is not thrown in the dungeons for his carelessness. Terry's first monster, a Slime named Slib, is obtained here by talking to Pulio.

The Monster Farm is also home to several other monsters that offer Terry advice. As the game progresses, more monsters will become available for Terry to talk to. After completing Class E, the Monster Stable will be accessible. After completing the Gate of Anger, the first earthquake will occur, giving Terry access to the hidden Traveler's Gate located near the top right corner of the Monster Farm. After completing the Gate of Beginning but before completing the Gate of Anger, a SkyDragon is flying atop the top left corner of the Monster Farm. If Terry stands under it, the SkyDragon will lay an egg that will hatch into a baby SkyDragon.

The Monster Farm can hold 38 monsters at a time, with 19 monsters sleeping and the other 19 monsters awake. The active monsters at the farm will receive a small portion of experience points that Terry obtains on his travels, but they will also become more wild, making them susceptible to disobedience. The hibernating monsters will not gain any experience but they will also not become more wild. If the maximum capacity is reached, Terry must release a monster back in the wild before recruiting a new one.


At the second highest floor of the kingdom is the arena. Terry must complete the highest class in the arena in order to qualify as the representative for the Starry Night Tournament. Note that only three of the classes are required to complete (Classes G, D and S); all the other classes can be skipped if Terry wishes to do so. At first, Terry will have access to Classes G through D. After completing Class D, Terry will have to complete the Gate of Anger, and then the remaining four classes will be available.

Further into the arena are several lounges where NPC's hang out, some of them being rivals of Terry for the Starry Night Tournament representative spot. A lot of these NPC's will offer to breed their monster with one of Terry's; these monsters have unique skills and are usually recipes for certain rare monster offspring. Two of the NPC's in the arena will give Terry information on the contents of the most recent Traveler's Gates available to him, including the wild monsters and the bosses.

At the top of the lounges lie two Watabou statues; these statues both hide Traveler's Gates that can be accessed when winning rounds of rock-paper-scissors with Goopi's that are hidden throughout the kingdom (one of which is only accessible post-game). One Goopi is among the statues; beating him in rock-paper-scissors gives Terry access to a hidden room. Inside the hidden room is the Queen of GreatTree. After visiting the Starry Shrine, the queen will request to see a specific monster. Doing so will earn Terry prizes, but is otherwise optional.

Medal Master room[edit]

To the right of the arena entrance is a ladder that leads to the room of the Medal Master (strongly implied to be the king's alter-ego, although he tries to deny it). Keeping with the tradition of the franchise, Terry can exchange TinyMedals that he finds throughout the journey for monster eggs. After collecting 19 medals and collecting the ZapBird egg, Terry can speak with Metaly, who will give Terry access to a hidden Traveler's Gate. After the completion of the game, the Metaly will allow Terry access to the secret entrance it guards, which leads directly to the king's throne room.


At the second lowest level of the kingdom is the library. The library contains books that hold information Terry may find useful (including certain breeding recipes). Terry can access a list of monsters he has befriended in the past by speaking with the librarian over the counter. Once Terry collects at least 100 different monster species, he will have access to a secret room that holds a hidden Traveler's Gate, as well as books with more hints at breeding rare monsters.

Doctor's Well[edit]

Below the entrance for the library is the entrance for a well. At the bottom of a well is a scientist (who curiously has the sprite of a Hargon). After completing Class E, the scientist will request that Terry bring him a monster with a lightning-based skill (such as BoltSlash and Bolt). Doing so will give Terry access to a hidden Traveler's Gate. Note that the doctor will not return the monster.


To the right of the library is the bank. Terry can hold items and gold in the bank, so that he does not lose them in case he is defeated in a Traveler's Gate (as well as extra storage since the item bag can only hold 20 items at a time).


To the right of the bank is the Bazaar. The Bazaar is the only place where Terry can shop for items, other than inside the Traveler's Gates. More shops will become available as Terry completes more classes, which will have more advanced yet more expensive items. Note that these shops will offer only a fraction of an item's original cost when sold, while the shops in the Traveler's Gates will buy items off of Terry for their full original price.

At the bottom right of the Bazaar are two hidden Traveler's Gates (one of which is only available post-game). The first Traveler's Gate will be inaccessible due to NPC's having a barbecue on top of the gate entrance. If Terry brings the NPC's a monster with a fire-based skill (such as Firebal and Blaze), the NPC will keep the monster but remove the grill, thus giving Terry access to the Traveler's Gate. After the Starry Night Tournament, the final earthquake will give access to the strip of land separate from the mainland that has a previously inaccessible Traveler's Gate. Once again, the NPC's will have a barbecue on top of the gate entrance, this time requesting a monster with the Call ability (note that this means skills like TatsuCall and BazooCall rather than CallHelp and YellHelp). Once Terry brings a monster with the requested skill, the NPC's will remove the grill and give Terry access to the gate entrance; this time, the monster will not be taken away from Terry.

Little Girl's House[edit]

On the top steps of the bottom level of the kingdom, there is the house of a little girl who considers Terry inept to compete in the tournament. Other than a TinyMedal, the house will not have anything useful for Terry until post-game. After being the victor, the little girl finally gains respect for Terry. If Terry can tell the girl what her name is ("Santi", which can be found within the girl's dad's diary in the house), she will talk to her grandfather, who has been blocking a hidden Traveler's Gate the entire game. Once Terry shows the old man a GoldSlime, the man will let Terry use the Traveler's Gate.

Egg Evaluator[edit]

To the right of the little girl's house is the room of the Egg Evaluator. The evaluator is a female bard who will "evaluate" and "bless" eggs for a small price. With the evaluate option, the evaluator will analyze the egg's potential, including their skillset diversity, rate of growth and the monster's gender. The bless option will change the monster's gender (only possible after an evaluation beforehand). Blessing an egg is useful (and required, in some cases) for future breeding purposes.

Starry Shrine[edit]

At the very bottom of the kingdom is the Starry Shrine. After completing Class F, Terry will have access to the Shrine. There, he can breed monsters and hatch eggs by consulting the Master Monster Tamer. Upon victory in the Starry Night Tournament, Terry can access the room where monsters are bred and hatched (as well as the place where Terry first arrived in the kingdom), where he will witness the birth of a new Watabou. Afterwards, Terry will be transported back to his homeworld. Later, when Terry returns to GreatTree, he will once again be transported to the room, in an identical fashion as the start of the game.