Gritty Ditty

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Gritty Ditty is an ability in the Dragon Quest series. This song raises the attributes of all party members by one level, depending on the game.


Dragon Quest VII[edit]

In the PS1 version, WarSong is a hybrid ability learned by reaching rank 5 as a Warrior or Bard immediately after completing the other. When used, it increases the defence of all party members by one level for 0 MP, making it similar to Kabuff. In the 3DS version, as hybrid abilities no longer exist, Gritty Ditty is learned by Gladiators at rank 3, Luminaries at rank 5, and Druids at rank 1 and can only be used as those classes.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

The seriously gritty ditty can be sung by any character that has the 'Minstrel's Manual' (quest #102) item in their inventory. In this entry, the song actually increases the attack of all party members, rather than defence. It is also used by Genie sanguinis and Moai minstrels in battle.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below[edit]

Although unusable by any of the main heroes, genie sanguinis can use Gritty Ditty in battle to augment their allies' attack much like Oomph. If a genie sanguini is summoned with a monster medal, it will perform Gritty Ditty on the party.