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{{Monster Infobox
#REDIRECT [[Soulspawn]]
|caption=Art by [[Akira Toriyama]]
|old=Fury face
|firstappear=''[[Dragon Quest IV]]''
===''[[Dragon Quest IV]]''===
|sprite=[[File:Hellspawn DQIV NES.gif]]
|skills=[[Burning Breath]]<br>[[Cool Breath]]<br>Fireball (6~10)<br>[[Poison Breath]]<br>[[Sweet Breath]]<br> Watches and waits
|item=[[Moonwort bulb]]({{fraction|1|64}})
|remake-sprites=[[File:Hellspawn ds.png]]
===''[[Dragon Quest VIII]]''===
|family=[[Elemental family|Elemental]]
|description=Undead creatures that torment enemies with an array of powerful and destructive breath attacks. Psyche up if you want any hope of landing a solid hit.
|skills=[[Burning Breath]]<br>[[Poison Breath]]<br>[[Sweet Breath]]<br>[[Venom Mist]]<br>[[Scorch]]<br>[[Freezing Blizzard]]
|locations=[[Heavenly Dais]]
|items=[[Nook grass]]{{fraction|1|64}}<br>[[Cloak of evasion]]{{fraction|1|64}}
==Related monsters==
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[[Category:Dragon Quest IV enemies]]
[[Category:Dragon Quest VIII enemies]]
[[Category:Dragon Quest VIII enemies]]

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