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Helm Splitter

Helm Splitter is a recurring ability in the franchise. It reduces the enemy's defence for 7~10 turns, with the exact amount varying between games.



Dragon Quest VIIIEdit

Yangus can use Helm Splitter as an axe technique learned after investing 6 skill points into the associated skill tree. It reduces a foe's defence by 50%, effectively casting Sap on them.

  • In the 3DS version, it reduces defence by 25%.

Dragon Quest IXEdit

This ability is learned with 35 skill points invested into Axe skill.

Dragon Quest XIEdit

Hendrik will learn helm splitter via his Axes skill tree. It costs 6 points to learn, 3 MP to use, and has a fixed of 50% to cut the target's defence in half. It also hits for 120% damage.

  • Later on, Hendrik can learn an enhanced version of the skill called Scrap mettle for 16 points, which deals 150% damage, has a 75% chance to cut defence, and costs 9 MP to use.