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Dragon Quest VIII
DQVIII Hero artwork.png
Japanese name エイト
Romaji Eito
Title Captain of the Guard
Class Hero
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Half-human, half-Dragovian
Age 18
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Eltrio (father)
Xia (mother)
Chen Mui (grandfather)
King Clavius (uncle)
Prince Charmles (cousin), Medea (potential wife),
Trode (potential father-in-law),
Jessica (potential wife) Rosalind (potential mother-in-law)
Voice actor Yuki Kaji (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

The Hero of Dragon Quest VIII is a 18 year-old low-ranking royal guardsman at Castle Trodain, before becoming a refugee of the kingdom in the prologue of Dragon Quest VIII. He was one of the small band who survived Dhoulmagus' deadly attack, along with King Trode, Medea and his pet mouse, Munchie. As is the series' tradition, the Hero is a silent protagonist whom the player is meant to project themselves upon, using him as an avatar to explore and interact with the game's world.

In promotional screenshots and the instruction manual for the PS2 version of the game, as well as in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Hero of Dragon Quest VIII is given the default name Eight.

The Hero is a versatile character, as equally proficient in armed combat as he is in using healing spells and support magic. His preferred weapons are swords, spears and boomerangs. With the help of his trusty companion Munchie, he is also able to unleash breaths with various effects with the help of cheese.

Appearance and Personality

Due to his aforementioned status as a silent protagonist, very little can be said of the man's character that isn't decided by the player. That being said, the youth has demonstrated a remarkably humane nature in certain cutscenes. This is most apparent in the flashback to his meeting with Yangus, who accidentally broke the rope bridge that he was blocking while attempting to extort money from King Trode. Instead of letting the bellicose bandit fall to his death, the former guard pulled him to safety despite Trode's considerable umbrage.

In contrast to heroes of previous games, this Hero dresses very casually and historically coherent, wearing a saffron overcoat with a blue tunic, simple red bandana, and plain grey trousers with brown boots. He is also the first Hero in the series whose outfit can be changed in the game if he wears certain pieces of equipment.


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He is the son of Eltrio and Xia, making him half-human and half-Dragovian. This union came about when the latter became curious of the human world, and decided to explore it. After encountering Eltrio, Xia fell in love with the young man and spent much time with him. Unfortunately, her father Chen Mui did not approve of the joining of human and Dragovian, feeling that the two races could never develop true love between them, and forced his daughter back to the Dragovian Sanctuary. Some time after this, the body of Eltrio was found near the sanctuary's outskirts, having braved the immense dangers alone to reach his beloved. The death of her loved devastated Xia, and day by day her very life force began to fade. Before joining Eltrio in the afterlife, however, Xia delivered their child in the sanctuary. The boy would live among the Dragovians for several years as the council of elders debated what to do with the anomaly, until one day it was decided that his memories would be sealed, and that he would be banished from his people. His grandfather, realizing the youth was his last connection to his daughter, begged for permission to accompany his grandson. It was decided that he could do so, but only if he took the form of a innocuous mouse, and never spoke a word to him.

One day while exploring the forest outskirts of the castle, Princess Medea of Trodain finds the young boy collapsed with a fever with the help of Munchie. The young princess pleads with King Trode to help the boy since he could die out in the woods. Eventually, the castle guards bring the Hero back in order to nurse him back to health. Medea stays at his bedside until he awakes, and the two would become close friends afterwards.

As the son of Eltrio, the Hero is also the nephew of King Clavius of Argonia. This blood connection is what enables him to superseded Prince Charmles in the right to marry the heir to Trodain. By the end of the game, he has become captain of the guard and, depending on the player's actions in the 3DS version, is either the son-in-law of King Trode after marrying Princess Medea or the son-in-law of Rosalind Albert after marrying Jessica.

An amnesiac since his early youth, the Hero grew up in Castle Trodain, eventually serving as a guard for some time before the events of the prologue took place. For much of Dragon Quest VIII, the hero journeys with his faithful mouse friend, Munchie, King Trode, Medea, and Yangus. The hero is eventually joined by Jessica and Angelo, enlisting their aid in pursuing and confronting the wicked Dhoulmagus.



The Hero carries around his pet, Munchie, wherever he goes. A highly intelligent Pig-Rat, Munchie is capable of entering small spaces and exploring areas the party would otherwise have no access to. If you give Munchie cheese items, he gains special abilities. Munchie rides in the pocket of the Hero's coat most of the time. Munchie will show his true significance only after the game.


Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 1 99
HP 22 806
MP 0 478
Strength 8 400
Agility 6 200
Resilience 6 215
Wisdom 5 366
Initial gear Soldier's sword, Plain clothes, Bandana
  • the Hero also has a 25% resistance to zap



Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Attack +5 -- 4 -- no Increase the sword attack +5. no
Dragon Slash 0 9 one yes Inflicts 150% damage on dragons (otherwise normal damage). yes
Flame Slash 0 15 one yes Inflicts 130% damage (reduced if enemy is resistant to fire). yes
Attack +10 -- 22 -- no Increase attack by ten when a sword is equipped. no
Metal Slash 0 30 one yes Inflicts 1~2 damage to metal slimes. no
Attack +15 -- 40 -- no Increase attack by fifteen when a sword is equipped. no
Critical Hit rate up -- 40 -- no Increase the critical hit rate from 1/64 to 1/32. no
Falcon Slash 0 52 one yes Slashes one enemy twice, each cut dealing 75% damage for 150% total. First hit
Attack +25 -- 66 -- no Increases attack by twenty five when a sword is equipped. no
Miracle Slash 4 82 one yes Inflicts 125% damage and restores HP by 50% of damage inflicted. yes
Gigaslash 20 100 group yes Inflicts up to 207~239 damage to each member of a group. no
Gigagash 20 100* group yes Inflicts up to 271~331 damage to each member of a group.


  • Requires 100 points in both swords and courage


Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Attack +5 0 3 -- no Increase attack by five when a spear is equipped. no
Mercurial Thrust 0 7 one yes Strike first at 80% power. yes
Thunder Thrust 3 12 one yes 25% for a critical hit, 25% for a normal stab, 50% to miss altogether. no
Attack +10 no 18 -- no Increase attack by ten when equipped with a spear. no
Multithrust 4 25 random yes Skewers 3~4 targets at half strength per jab. first hit
Critical Hit rate up no 40 auto no Increase the critical hit rate from 1/64 to 1/32. no
Clean Sweep 0* 45 group yes Strike/rock element with decreasing damage range: 80% -> 64% -> 56% -> 40% -> 25% -> 16%.
Chance for Demon spear's effect to trigger on each enemy.
first hit
Lightning Thrust 0 59 one no More powerful version of Thunder Thrust, 50% to land a critical hit. no
Attack +25 -- 77 -- no Increases attack by twenty five when equipped with a spear. no
Lightning Storm 25 100 all yes Inflicts 190-220 damage to all enemies. no
  • Clean Sweep costs 2 MP in the 3DS version.


Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Crosscutter Throw 2 6 all yes The first enemy is hit twice. Strike/rock element. first hit
Attack +5 -- 12 -- -- Increases attack by five when a boomerang is equipped. --
Power Throw 4 18 all yes 80% strength, but damage does not decrease per bonked monster. Strike/rock element. first hit
Attack +10 -- 25 -- -- Increases attack by ten when a boomerang is equipped. --
Firebird Throw 6 32 all yes 36-44 fire damage to all enemies. no
Attack +15 -- 40 -- -- Increases attack by fifteen when a boomerang is equipped. --
Super Throw 4 52 all yes 120% damage, does not decrease per monster. Strike/rock element. first hit
Attack +20 -- 66 -- -- Increase the boomerang attack +20. --
Starburst Throw 8 82 all yes 76-84 bang damage to all enemies. no
Gigathrow 15 100 one yes Inflicts up to 233~284 zap damage to a single enemy. no


Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Attack +5 -- 4 -- -- Increases attack by five when unarmed. --
Defending Champion 0 11 self yes More powerful defending action (damage reduced by 90%). no
Stone's Throw 0 17 group yes 8-20 strike/rock damage to a group of enemies. no
Knuckle Sandwich 2 24 one no Inflicts 150% points of strike/rock damage. yes
Attack +20 no 33 auto no Increases attack by twenty when unarmed. no
Thin Air 2 42 all yes Inflicts up to 108~132 points of damage on all enemies. no
Critical Hit rate up no 52 auto no Increase the critical hit rate from 1/64 to 1/32. no
Multifists 0 70 random yes Four random swings at 33% power each. first hit
Boulder Toss 4 82 all yes Inflicts 72-104 strike/rock damage on all enemies. no
Attack +50 -- 100 -- -- Increases attack by fifty when unarmed. --


Name MP Points Target Tension Info Oomph
Zoom 1 8 party no Teleports player to entrance of known location (outdoors only). no
Tingle 2 16 party no Cures party of sleep and parlyzed status changes. no
Holy Protection 3 28 party no Random encounters with enemies whose level is lower than the hero are avoided. no
Fizzle 4 40 group no Prevents enemy group from using magic. no
Zap 6 48 all yes Inflicts up to 72~88 damage on all enemies. no
MP discount -- 56 -- -- Reduces the MP cost to 3/4. --
Kamikazee 1 70 all no The Hero sacrifices himself to deal high damage to all enemies. no
Omniheal 36 82 party no Restores full HP to all party members. no
MP discount no 90 auto no Reduces the MP cost to 1/2. no
Kazap 15 100 group yes Inflicts up to 180~220 damage to a group of monsters. no
Gigaslash 20 100 group yes Inflicts up to 207~239 damage to each member of a group. yes
Gigagash 20 100* group yes Inflicts up to 271~331 damage to each member of a group. no
  • Requires 100 points in both swords and courage


Name MP Level Target Tension Info
Heal 2 3 one yes Restores 30-40 HP to one character.
Squelch 2 4 one no Cures one character of poison and envenomation.
Evac 2 6 party no Teleports player back to dungeon entrance.
Sizz 4 11 group yes Inflicts up to 29~35 fire damage on each member of a group.
Midheal 3 18 one yes Restores 75-90 HP to one character.
Sizzle 6 20 group yes Inflicts up to 53~62 fire damage on each member of a group.
Fullheal 6 27 one no Restores all HP to one character.
Zing 8 29 one no Revives a dead character with 50% of HP (50% success rate).
Kasizzle 10 32 group yes Inflicts up to 150~170 fire damage on each member of a group.
Dragon Soul 64 65/70* one yes Inflicts 420~520 non-elemental damage to one enemy.
  • Dragon Soul is learned at level 70 in the 3DS version and deals 375~450 damage.


  • Weapons
  • Helmets
  • Armor
  • Shields
  • Accessories
Dragon Quest VIII (All) 
Weapon Modifier(s)
Cypress Stick Attack +4
Soldier's Sword Attack +8
Stone Sword Attack +12
Copper Sword Attack +13
Boomerang Attack +19
Ye Olde Sword of Erdrick (3DS only) Attack +20
Iron Lance Attack +24
Edged Boomerang Attack +27
Long Spear Attack +30
Reinforced Boomerang Attack +32
Steel Broadsword Attack +35
Falcon Blade Attack +37
Holy Lance Attack +39
Platinum Sword Attack +40
Battle Fork Attack +42
Razor Wing Boomerang Attack +42
Dream Blade Attack +43
Partisan Attack +44
Rusty Old Sword Attack +45
Swallowtail Attack +53
Zombiesbane Attack +54
Über Falcon Blade Attack +55
Bastard Sword Attack +61
Flametang Boomerang Attack +63
Sandstorm Spear Attack +67
Dragonsbane Attack +72
Zombie Slayer Attack +65
Double-edged Sword Attack +76
Über Double-edged Sword Attack +76
Miracle Sword Attack +80
Dragon Slayer Attack +83
Demon Spear Attack +86
Blizzard Blade Attack +90
Metal Wing Boomerang Attack +90
Über Miracle Sword Attack +95
Hero Spear Attack +100
Dragovian Sword Attack +107
Liquid Metal Sword Attack +118
Metal King Spear Attack +120
Dragovian King Sword Attack +137
Dragon Quest VIII (All) 
Helmet Modifier(s)
Bandana Defense +1
Leather Hat Defense +3
Turban Defense +8
Feathered Cap Defense +9
Iron Helmet Defense +16
Bronze Helmet Defense +20
Hermes' Hat Defense +20
Mercury's Bandana Defense +23
Iron Mask Defense +25
Pirate's Hat Defense +30
Platinum Headgear Defense +30
Iron Headgear Defense +32
Hades' Helm Defense +33
Mythril Helm Defense +38
Great Helm Defense +45
Dragovian Helm Defense +50
Sun Crown Defense +52
Metal king Helm Defense +55
Dragon Quest VIII (All) 
Armor Modifier(s)
Plain Clothes Defense+4
Wayfarer's Clothes Defense+7
Leather Armour Defense+11
Scale Armour Defense+17
Bronze Armour Defense+24
Iron Armour Defense+32
Full Plate Armour Defense+39
Silver Mail Defense+50
Magic Armour Defense+55
Dragon Mail Defense+60
Spiked Armour Defense+68
Platinum Mail Defense+72
Alistair's Armour Defense+80
Sacred Armour Defense+84
Mirror Armour Defense+92
Liquid Metal Armour Defense+101
Dragovian Armour Defense+110
Metal King Armour Defense+120
Dragon Quest VIII (All) 
Shields Modifier(s)
Leather Shield Defense+4
Scale Shield Defense+7
Bronze Shield Defense+10
Iron Shield Defense+15
Light Shield Defense+17
Steel Shield Defense+22
Magic Shield Defense+27
Dragon Shield Defense+30
Ice Shield Defense+33
Power Shield Defense+38
Mirror Shield Defense+43
Ogre Shield Defense+45
Silver Shield Defense+48
Ruinous Shield Defense+50
Thanatos' Shield Defense+55
Dragovian Shield Defense+60
Metal King Shield Defense+65
Dragon Quest VIII (All) 
Accessories Modifier(s)
Agility Ring Agility +15
Argon Ring Attack +20
Agility +20
Catholicon Ring Defence +15
Devil's Tail Agility +10
Dragon Scale Defence +5
Elevating Shoes Agility +5
Full moon Ring Defence +10
Goddess Ring Wisdom +20
Gold Bracer Defence +4
Gold Ring Defence +10
Gold Rosary Wisdom +5
Gospel Ring Defence +5
Holy Talisman Defence +10
Life Bracer Defence +5
Max HP +30
Meteorite Bracer Agility +50
Mighty Armlet Attack +15
Prayer Ring Defence +5
Recovery Ring Defence +15
Ring of Awakening Defence +10
Ring of Clarity Defence +10
Ring of Immunity Defence +10
Ring of Truth Defence +10
Ruby of Protection Defence +15
Scholar's Specs Wisdom +15
Skull Ring Agility +15
Slime Earrings Defence +4
Sorcerer's Ring Wisdom +10
Max MP +30
Strength Ring Attack +5
Templar's Ring Defence +5
Templar Captain's Ring Attack +10
Wisdom +10
Titan Belt Attack +10
Tough Guy Tattoo Attack +8

Skill Tips

Swords pay off if you are in pursuit of metal monsters, with Metal Slash (30 points) being particularly useful. If you accumulate 100 points in swords and courage you learn the almighty gigagash, although this takes quite some time to achieve.

Spears are ideal for hunters of metal monsters in particular, with Thunder Thrust (12 points) and Lightning Thrust (59 points). The Multithrust (25 points) is also worth a try against single enemies.

Boomerangs are a real boon in the beginning of the game because they attack all enemies. Later, however, this skill becomes less useful (over 40 points: Attack + 15), so it is advisable to switch to developing different skills.

Fisticuffs is largely ineffectual to the other skills, although some actions are worth a try like Thin Air (42 points). The Hero can only make a real impression when he learns Attack + 50 (100 points).

Courage is extremely useful as a means of learning traits that reduce MP consumption (at 56 and 90 points). Don't ignore the advanced attacks either (Zap, 48 points and Kazap at 100 points), or the Omniheal spell at 82 points.

Suggested Strategies: Learn Courage up to 8 points (Zoom) initially, then learn Boomerangs up to 40 points (Attack + 15) followed by courage up to 100. Next, increase your Swords skill to 66 (Attack + 25) or Spears up to 59 (Critical Hit).

Another option would be to forgo Boomerangs altogether and start by dividing points equally between Swords and Courage (up to Swords 66), then switching to Spears and Courage.

However, since you come across some extremely effective spears in the opening stages of the game, you may prefer to concentrate on mastering spears from the outset.

Other Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

VIII's hero appears as a costume for the Hero, along with the Heroes of XI, III, and IV. He wields the Dragovian king sword and Dragovian shield. In Classic Mode, this costume appears as the main opponent for Stage 5 when playing as the Hero. He is fought on the Battlefield form of Gaur Plains (from Xenoblade Chronicles) alongside a tiny Pikachu, referencing Munchie.


  • In the PS2 version of the game, when the hero's tension is maxed, his appearance changes drastically. His bandana flies off and his hair spikes up, making him resemble Super Saiyan Son Goku of Dragon Ball Z fame. This little feature was added to the Western release of the game, as a shoutout to fans of Toriyama's work.
  • Munchie is an obtainable monster in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional.
  • In the international versions of Dragon Quest XI, the Luminary can wear an outfit that allows him to dress like the Protagonist of VIII.



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