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"The Hero Draws Near!"

—The Hero's tagline from his reveal trailer.

The Hero's four alternate costumes.

The Hero in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a playable character and the main representative of the Dragon Quest series, being the third DLC character and the second to be part of the Fighters Pass. He was announced alongside fellow DLC newcomers Banjo & Kazooie at E3 2019, and will be released in Summer 2019, where he will be available for individual purchase for $5.99 USD, or downloaded automatically with the purchase of the Fighters Pass.


  • Despite the name referring to a single hero, the Hero actually consists of multiple characters, with the XI's Hero being the default, and III's Hero, IV's Hero, and VIII's Hero as alternate costumes.
  • He has a shield that can block projectiles, much like the Links.
  • His unique Fighter Ability is an MP Gauge that drains each time a special attack is used, with the max amount of MP being 100.


  • A three-hit neutral attack, with the first two hits being slashes going straight up and straight down and the final hit having him swipe his sword inward.
  • A jumping slash attack similar to Link's. This is presumably his dash attack.
  • A two-hit attack, a shield bash followed up by an outward slash. This is presumably his forward tilt.
  • An attack where he performs a two-handed downward slash in front of him, resembling Ike and Ganondorf's forward smashes. This is presumably his forward smash.
  • A single, strong upward arc slash. This is presumably his up tilt.
  • A single upward thrust, which resembles Marth's up smash. This is presumably his up smash.
  • An aerial attack where he swings his sword around him, resembling Ike's neutral aerial.
  • An aerial attack that is a sword swipe behind his back, which resembles Marth's back aerial. This move completely turns around the Hero in midair after use, much like Marth's back aerial.
  • An attack where he performs an upward kick, presumably his up throw or up aerial. Somewhat resembles Snake's forward aerial.
  • At least one of his special moves has the Hero choose between a variety of spells from a menu, even standing in a "thinking" position.
  • In conjunction with his new MP Gauge, the Hero has a plethora of magical attacks:
    • Sizzle, a fireball that is presumably chargeable. Costs 20 MP.
    • An unnamed electric bolt that the Hero shoots from his sword. Possibly related to Zap.
    • A second unnamed electric attack that the Hero sends out as a projectile. Possibly related to Kazap.
    • An unnamed attack possibly related to Oomph (which costs 18 MP) where the Hero's smash attacks become extremely powerful, triggering a Special Zoom.
    • Snooze, which is a projectile that sends opponents to sleep if it connects. Costs 16 MP.
    • Bounce, which reflects projectiles. The move lingers for a little while.
    • Kacrackle Slash, which is a physical slash that freezes opponents.
    • Kaclang, which encases the Hero in metal and prevents him from taking knockback. It is unknown how damage will be affected, but it is presumably nullified as well.
    • Zoom, which allows the Hero to fly up vertically.
    • An unnamed attack that creates tornadoes beneath the Hero. Possibly related to Woosh.
    • Kamikazee, which has the Hero self-destruct, doing massive knockback to nearby opponents.
    • Psyche Up, a move seen in the selection menu. The effect is unknown. Costs 17 MP.
  • The Final Smash appears to contain the other seven Dragon Quest heroes who are not playable, charging the Hero's sword with bolts of electricity for what is presumably Gigaslash.


  • The Hero raises his sword into the air.
  • A Slime appears at the Hero's feet and hops, causing the Hero to lose his balance.


  • The Hero's tagline references the message shown when encountering a monster in many Dragon Quest games.
  • In the alternate costume for IV's Hero, his Slime earring turns metal.
  • Prior to patch 2.0.0 of Ultimate, there existed hidden data for future downloadable characters nicknamed "packun", "jack", and "brave"; "packun" referred to Piranha Plant, and "jack" referred to Joker, though, at the time, it was unclear as to who "brave" was referring to, though a Dragon Quest character was heavily speculated to be filling the slot. Hero's Japanese name eventually confirmed this, as 勇者 (Yūsha?) can be literally translated into English as "brave".
  • The Hero is one of three characters to change weapons in his alternate costumes, with the other two being Cloud and Bayonetta.
    • XI's Hero wields the Supreme Sword of Light and Erdwin’s Shield.
    • III's Hero wields the Sword of Kings and Shield of Heroes.
    • IV's Hero wields the Zenithian Sword and Shield.
    • VIII's Hero wields the Dragovian King Sword and Dragovian shield.