Isle of Awakening

The Isle of Awakening serves as the main hub world in Dragon Quest Builders 2. It is an abandoned island that was once bustling with life and creation, with only the faintest traces of civilization remaining.


Dragon Quest Builders 2Edit

The Builder washes up on its shores after the Children of Hargon's ship they were captive on sinks. It is there where they meet Malroth, and reunites with Lulu, the only survivor of the sunken ship besides the Builder. The three eventually meet the Hairy Hermit at the peak of the central mountain, who tells them to bring new recruits from other far off islands back to the Isle of Awakening and make it habitable once more. After meeting with captain Brown Beard and obtaining the use of his ship, the Builder and Malroth depart to the three surrounding islands.

After completing the scenario in each island, the duo will return to the isle with important characters from each location and be instructed by the Hairy Hermit to begin construction projects matching the skills of the new residents. For the farmers of Furrowfield this involves diverting a river to create a green pasture fit for agriculture, for the miners of Khrumbul-Dun a pyramid in the southeastern desert is assembled, and the soldiers of Moonbrooke help build a towering castle in the northwest. Each of these projects delight both the Builder and hermit, unlocking new recipes and gaining useful tools when one is completed. These sites also double as the default dwelling places for the residents, who can be reassigned to different areas.

When the player wraps up the Khrumbul-Dun tasks and finishes the pyramid, emissaries of the Children of Hargon will attempt to subvert the celebration by preaching of the evils of building. The unwanted gusts leave with a warning that the cult will not turn a blind eye to any new developments, and when the castle in the north is completed an entire ship's worth of cultists will begin a battle with the island's inhabitants. This clash begins the chain of events that lead to the dimension known as Malhalla, and the nature of Malroth and the island are revealed.