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{{Monster Infobox
#REDIRECT [[Jumping jackal]]
|title=Jackal ripper
|caption= Art by [[Akira Toriyama]]
|kanji= マッスルアニマル
|romanji= Muscle animal
|firstappear=''[[Dragon Quest VI]]''
The '''Jackal ripper''' is a enemy in ''[[Dragon Quest VI]]'' and ''[[Dragon Quest VIII]]''.
===''Dragon Quest VI''===
|name = Jackal ripper
|image = [[Image:Muscleanimal.gif]]
|game = ''[[Dragon Quest VI]]''
|console = DS
|hp = 544
|mp = 0
|attack = 380
|defense = 113
|agility =123
|experience = 924
|gold = 145
|droppedItem = [[Ferocious fangs]]
===''Dragon Quest VIII''===
|family=[[Beast family|Beast]]
|description=Born fighters, these monsters are masters of the Thin Air attack and highly resistant to air-based spells.
|skills=[[Psyche Up]]<br>Slash violently with claws (125% damage)<br>[[Thin Air]]
|locations=[[Royal Hunting Ground]]<br>[[Arcadia Region]]
|items=[[Titan belt]]{{fraction|1|64}}<br>[[Assassin's dagger]]{{fraction|1|256}}
==Related enemies==
*[[Jumping jackal]]
[[Category:Dragon Quest VI enemies]]
[[Category:Dragon Quest VI enemies]]
[[Category:Dragon Quest VIII enemies]]
[[Category:Dragon Quest VIII enemies]]

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