Jackal ripper

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The Jackal ripper is a enemy in Dragon Quest VI and Dragon Quest VIII.


Dragon Quest VI

#164 - Jackal ripper
HP MP Experience Gold
544 0 924 145
Attack Defense Speed
380 113 123
Dropped Item Ferocious fangs
Bestiary # 164
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS

Dragon Quest VIII

#145 - Jackal Ripper
Jackal ripper.png
HP MP Experience Gold
142 123 32
Attack Defense Speed
127 104 72
Dropped Item Titan belt (common)
Assassin's dagger (rare)
Locations Royal Hunting Ground
Arcadia Region
Skills Thin Air
Family Beast
Bestiary # 145
Game Dragon Quest VIII
Console PS2
Description Born fighters, these monsters are masters of the Thin Air attack and highly resistant to air-based spells.

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