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'Kaboom is a spell in the Dragon Quest series. It causes high damage to all targets with an immense explosion. It is related to the weaker spells Bang and Boom, and the stronger spell Kaboomle.


Dragon Quest II

Kaboom is learned by the Princess of Moonbrooke at level 19. The spell costs a mere 8 mp, but deals only 55~68 in the original version and 68~92 in the remakes and ports

Dragon Quest III

Kaboom is learned by Magi and Sages at level 38, and deals between 140~160 points of damage. It costs 18 magic points to cast.

Dragon Quest IV

Kaboom is learned by Maya at level 36, and is already known by Psaro upon joining. It deals between 140~160 damage as before, and now costs only 15 mp to cast.

Dragon Quest V

Deals 120~160 damage, and costs 15 magic points.

Name Level
Archdemon --
Barbatos --
Conkjurer --
Wiz pip --
Liquid metal slime 8
Minidemon 28
Daughter 36
Nera 37
Starkers 45

Dragon Quest VI

Kaboom can only be obtained by mastering the Sage vocation. It has been reduced in velocity slightly, dealing between 130~150 damage for 15 mp.

Dragon Quest VII

Kaboom has the same aspects as in the previous game and is learned through the same method.

Dragon Quest VIII

Kaboom is learned by Jessica at level 33, with a base range of 104~120. Once Miss Albert's wisdom surpasses 251 the spell will gradually increase in power, until her cognitive prowess peaks at 556. From there the spell will blast all enemies for 184~200 damage.

  • The spell has been given a damage boost in the 3DS port, with the base range growing to 112~128 and the upper limit reaching 208~224. This zenith requires a wisdom score of 620 to reach.

Dragon Quest IX

Kaboom is available to Mages at level 47 and Sages at level 48. It costs 28 MP to cast and will deal 140 base damage, improving once the sorcerer's magical might reaches 250. The upper limit of this spell is 218~238.

Dragon Quest X

Magi and Sages will learn Kaboom at level 68, and can cast it for 23MP. The high limit is 252~264, with the lower ranges calculated as Magical Might x 0.26 + 45.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Veronica will learn Kaboom at level 57, and can cast it for 24 MP. The base damage is 156~172, slowly rising to a maximum of 262~278.

Dragon Quest Monsters

Explodet is learned by monsters beginning at level 29 if the monster has at least 120 MP and 158 Intelligence. It is learned naturally by Blackmar, ArcDemon, Balzak, Baramos, Endentured Servant, Silencing ram, Hargon, Liquid Metal Slime, and Nimzo. [1]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Kaboom is available via the Command Selection, and costs a hefty 37 MP. The detonation projectile travels out from the Hero and will explode upon contact with an opponent or after enough distance has been covered. The explosion has a slight vacuum effect, and boasts considerable knockback.

Enemy versions

Kaboom will deal 60~80 damage when cast by an enemy in III, 72~88 damage in IV and V, and 95~115 in VI, VII and IX. The blast radius was weakened in VIII, where it deals 72~92 damage.

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