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Kasizzle is a spell in the Dragon Quest series. Introduced in Dragon Quest III, it is the final spell in the Sizz series, and immolates a group of enemies with a wave of ferocious hellfire.


Dragon Quest III

Learned by Magi and Sages at level 29, Kasizzle hits one group of enemies for 12 mp, and deals between 88~112 damage.

Dragon Quest IV

Kasizzle is learned by Maya at level 27. It costs 10 mp, and deals between 88~112 points of damage.

Dragon Quest V

Hits one group for 10 mp, hitting for 88~112.

Name Level
Barbatos 5
Liquid metal slime 6
Moosifer 11
Bianca 27
Nera 27
Prestidigitator 28
Debora 29
Conkjurer 40

Dragon Quest VI

Kasizzle can only be obtained by mastering the Mage vocation. This spell costs 10 mp to casts, and deals between 88 and 112 points of damage.

Dragon Quest VII

Armamentalists learn kasizzle at rank 7, Sages at rank 5, Druids at rank 2, and Heroes at rank 5.

Dragon Quest VIII

Kasizzle is a 10 mp spell learned by the the hero at level 32, and by Jessica during an event. It initially deals between 70 and 90 until their wisdom hits 180, and caps at 150~170 once their wisdom surpasses 480.

  • in the 3DS port, Kasizzle's base damage was increased to 80~100, and the maximum range was raised to 175~195 which requires a wisdom of 540 to reach.

Dragon Quest X

Beginning with X, the localization name "Kasizzle" refers to the new spell Giragrade. The new spell Kasizz is the current localization of Begiragon.

Dancers can maser the spell after putting 130 skill points into their vocation. MP cost is 24, range is 10 meters, and the precise damage range is currently unknown. The common consensus is that the base range is around 450, and requires a Magical might stat of 400 to improve.

Dragon Quest XI

Veronica will master kasizzle at level 64 and can cast the spell for 48 MP. Base damage is 308~340, incinerating foes with 632~664 damage at maximum.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2

Kasizzle costs 36 MP to cast, and will deal 199~220 base damage. Once the monster's wisdom reaches 500, the spell will slowly begin to approach its limit of 332~367. It is learned through the Frizz & Sizz 3, Bang & Sizz 3, Woosh & Sizz 3, Crack & Sizz 3, Sizz & Zap 3, Sizz & Zam 3, Exorsus, Uber Zapologist, and Uber Mage skill sets.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3

Kasizzle parallels Kacrackle in that they both cost 64 MP, share a base range of 190~210, and a maximum range of 299~319. The spell grows stronger once a monster's wisdom exceeds 500.

Enemy versions

Callous casters will cremate the heroes for 45~55 damage, maintaining this temperature until VI, when the range was increased to 60~80 damage. In VIII the range was lowered to 48~64 damage in all versions of the game.

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