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Kasnooze is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest Series. Introduced in Dragon Quest IV, it only worked on one enemy; however in later games it attempts to put all enemies to sleep.

In the debut appearance, Kasnooze ignored the standard 100%, 75%, 25%, 0% accuracy ranges that other spells utilized, instead using a 100%, 100%, 50%, 0% table, essentially doubling the vulnerability monsters have to the sleep status. While the exact percentages have changed slightly in each subsequent game, the utility of Kasnooze treating resistance rates as if they are one level lower persists.


Dragon Quest IV

As mentioned above, the spell's accuracy is 100%, 100%, 50%, 0%.

Name Level
Hero 16
Meena 17
Psaro --

Dragon Quest V

Kasnooze has been modified to affect an enemy group for 5 mp, increasing its usefulness greatly. The accuracy rates are 100%, 100%, 67%, 0%.

Name Level
Goodybag 6
Samigina 11
Bad apple 15
Beastmaster 20
Blizzybody 20
Chimaera 28

Dragon Quest VI

Kasnooze is learned by advancing to rank 7 of the Mage vocation. As with its predecessor, the spell has been upgraded to keep foes asleep for a minimum of 2 turns. The accuracy rates have been slightly improved: 100%, 100%, 75%, 0%.

Dragon Quest VII

Kasnooze is learned by mastering the Mage & Shepherd vocations in the psx version, and rank three of the Sage, rank six of the Armamentalist vocations, rank 4 of the Hero and Gripe vine vocations, and rank two of the Druid vocation in the 3DS version.

  • Regardless of the version, kasnooze operates exactly as it did in VI.

Dragon Quest VIII

Jessica learns this spell after investing 68 points into her "Sex Appeal" skill and costs 8 mp to cast.

Dragon Quest IX

Kasnooze is learned by armamentalists at level 28, and targets all monsters. It costs 8 MP to cast, possesses a base accuracy of 75%, and will begin to improve in accuracy one the caster's magical might reaches 50. The spell will become 100% accurate (barring enemy resistance) when the value reaches 799.

Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

The Luminary will learn the spell at level 35, and Rab at level 32.

In Other Languages

Language Translation Meaning
ICON-FLAG-ES.png EspañolSomnolenciaLiterally drowsiness