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Keeleon refers to several related things in Dragon Warrior IV. Keeleon is a kingdom in the world of Dragon Warrior IV, the capital castle within that kingdom, and the name of the true King of Keeleon.

Kingdom of Keeleon[edit]

The Kingdom of Keeleon is composed of the castle Keeleon and the towns of Aktemto, Haville, Kievs, and possibly Monbaraba.

Keeleon Castle[edit]

Keeleon Castle was called Palais de Léon in the Nintendo DS remake, Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen.

King of Keeleon[edit]

The monster Keeleon. This sprite is from the remake of Dragon Quest IV for PlayStation®.

In chapter 4 of Dragon Warrior IV, Keeleon has a new king, who Nara and Mara discovered to be Balzack. After Balzack's defeat, the true ruler of Keeleon emerged, the monster Keeleon (also called the Marquis Regent or Marquis de Léon in the DS remake of Dragon Quest IV).