King of Portoga

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King of Portoga
Dragon Quest III
Title King
Race Human

The King of Portoga is a character from Dragon Quest III.


The King is the ruler of Portoga. He is friends with Nordy the Dwarf, who says he is "honest and straightforward… And he knows how to treat a dwarf." Their friendship is such that the normally-curmudgeonly Nordy will grant passage through his grotto to those that the King vouches for with a Royal Missive.

The King is particularly fond of black pepper, which he calls "the greatest treasure of the East", but has had little luck in obtaining a consistent supply: attempted expeditions to the east has resulted in many deaths. When the Hero arrived in Portoga looking for a ship, the King seized the opportunity and promised to award them his own flagship if they could deliver black pepper; to that end, he gives the Hero a Royal Missive to present to Nordy. When the Hero returns with the black pepper, he declares them and their party to be true heroes, and honours his promise and gives them his ship.