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Bishop Ladja is a character in Dragon Quest V. He is one of the primary antagonists in the story, and is responsible for much of the hardships the Hero endures.


Dragon Quest V

Bishop Ladja is one of the highest-ranking generals of the Order of Zugzwang. He frequently appears throughout the story to cause trouble and hardships for the Hero and his family.

While Ladja appears to be outranked by King Korol, he is only directly loyal to Grandmaster Nimzo and did not hesitate to kill the King off when he was no longer of use. Ironically, Ladja's final moments, shortly after his final defeat at the hands of the Hero, would show that he is just as dispensable as all the other minions of Grandmaster Nimzo.


Warning: Spoilers
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Bishop Ladja is first seen in the Ancient Ruins, blocking a young hero and Prince Harry from escaping, and easily defeats them. When Pankraz arrives, he summons Kon the Knight and Slon the Rook. Threatening to kill his son, Pankraz is forced to stand down and is slain by Ladja with Kafrizzle. He and his minions carry the boys off to Mount Azimuth as slave labor for constructing a temple for the Order of Zugzwang.

He is not seen again until Knightmare Towers, after the hero defeats Kon. He reveals that the hero's wife is of Zenithian bloodline and is destined to bear the legendary hero, so he petrifies both of them to prevent this. Unbeknownst to him, she had already given birth to the legendary hero, who along with his twin sister eventually rescued their father.

The hero and his children eventually encounter Ladja in the Talon Tower, guarding one of the dragon eyes. After a boss battle, he departs. He is seen again in the Crocodilopolis, where he kills off King Korol, who was no longer needed by Nimzo. He is encountered for the last time in Mt. Zugzwang, where the hero and party finally avenge Pankraz's death.

First battle

Bishop Ladja
HP MP Experience Gold
3820 infinite 12000 900
Attack Defense Speed
285 260 80
Locations Talon Tower
Skills Inferno
Sometimes attacks twice per round
Spells Kafrizzle
Game Dragon Quest V
Console DS

Second battle

Bishop Ladja
HP MP Experience Gold
4000 infinite 12000 980
Attack Defense Speed
305 245 75
Locations Mt. Zugzwang
Skills Burning Breath
C-c-cold Breath
Spells Kafrizzle
Game Dragon Quest V
Console DS


Ladja's role in the story of Dragon Quest V was expanded upon in the remakes.


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