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Dragon Quest II
Official Dragon Quest II art
Sprite(s) DQ2-NES-LAGOS.png
Japanese name ラゴス
Romaji Ragosu
Race Human

Lagos (Originally Roge or Rogue Fastfinger) is a minor non-player character in Dragon Quest II. Lagos is a thief who stole the Floodgate Key from the village of Tuhn. In the Japanese version of Dragon Quest IV, the second character fought in the arena during the second chapter, Quick Draw McGore, has the same name as this character.


Lagos fled the village of Tuhn and was apparently captured and imprisoned in a jail cell located in the village of Wellgarth. However, he managed to fool the prison guard by hiding in a hidden passage at the back of his cell. When he was discovered by the three lumanaries, he offers them the Floodgate Key in exchange for keeping his whereabouts a secret.