Liquid metal slime (vocation)

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Liquid metal slime (はぐれメタル, wandering metal) is a secret vocation in Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation.

It grants stats and abilities akin to the liquid metal slime monster. It is available only to those who carry the Liquid Metal Mind scroll. However, Mercury joins with the vocation already unlocked and does not require a scroll.


Becoming a L.M.S. greatly increases a character's agility and resilience at the cost of all other aspects but style. Prior to attaining vocation mastery, the L.M.S. is extremely vulnerable to melee attacks and the partial resistance to spells and breath is hampered by the HP decrease. Furthermore, the vocation takes the longest of all to complete with first five ranks being voided of worthwhile abilities. That being said, as soon as rank 6 is attained then the entire nature of the class changes with access to Magic Burst, turning the gleaming globs into wobbling weapons of mass destruction. Successive ranks give the class more options with the powerful Big Banga and Lightning Storm, and give way to a +100 HP bonus and elemental immunity that completely nullifies the immense health cut experienced at lower ranks.

In a way, this embodies the gambling-based style of play that Dragon Quest is known for--the risk is immense, but the rewards are phenomenal.

Stat Changes[edit]

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 300
Strength -40%
Agility +100%
Resilience +100%
Wisdom -20%
Style Null
Max HP -80%
Max MP -30%
Trait Increased magic/elemental resistance, immunity at max rank
Mastery Bonus +100 Max HP
  • In the SFC and DS versions of VI the vocation cuts HP and MP by 70% and 20%.


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Primordial Ooze N/A 1 -
2 Basic Bubbler Kaclang 10 Party Turns party into steel. 2
3 Lonely Liquid N/A 20 -
4 Street Slime Zoom 30 Party Teleports to a previously visited town. 1
5 Heavy Metal N/A 50 -
6 Hyper Slime Magic Burst 100 All enemies Releases all magic power to seriously damage the opposition. All
7 Precious Metal Lightning Storm 200 All enemies Calls forth bolts from the blue. 25
8 Metal King Big Banga 300 All enemies Damages all enemies in a gigantic explosion. 30