List of accessories in Dragon Quest III

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The following is a list of accessories in Dragon Quest III. With the exceptions of the meteorite bracer, recovery ring, sacred amulet, and elevating shoes all accessories were introduced in the SNES remake of 1996 and are not present in the original version.

Every Vocation can equip each accessory save for the Sacred Amulet, which is reserved for the Hero

Image Name Stats Personality Location
Cower ring Agility +7 Wimp Bonus dungeon, vase below Cloudsgate Citadel section
Skull ring Agility +10 Lone wolf Pirate's den
Agility ring Agility +15 Acrobat 40 mini medals
Mercurys Bandana.png
Mercury's bandana Agility +30 Bat out of hell 65 mini medals
DQVIII Meteorite Bracer.png
Meteorite bracer Doubles agility N/A Isis castle basement
Doh-hican Defence +3 Clown Persistence, 60 gold
Garter Defence +3 Vamp 10 mini medals
Immigrant town phase 5
Phantom ship
Gold rosary Defence +4 Daydreamer Underground lake, third floor
Leg Warmers Defence +5 N/A Pirate's den
Ten ton toupee Defence +15 Mule Pyramid, fourth floor
Bunny tail Luck +8 Happy camper Khoryv, 270 gold
Golden tiara.png
Golden tiara Luck +13 Princess Elf village
Isis castle
Hen's tooth Luck +20 Lucky devil Immigrant town phase 5
Sacred amulet Luck +30
Immune to whack
N/A Tower of Rubiss, gift from Goddess
DQVIII Elevating Shoes.png
Elevating shoes Luck +50
1 EXP per step
N/A Liquid metal slime drop, 1/64
Metal chimaera drop, 1/128
Bonus dungeon, tower section fourth floor
DQIII Gold Chain.png
Gold chain Resilience +10 Lothario Asham, 2000 gold
Restless Heart.png
Restless heart Resilience +10 Plugger Romaria
Weightlifter's belt Resilience +15 Tough cookie 45 mini medals
Recovery ring Resilience +25, restores 1 HP per step N/A Rimuldar
DQIV Strength Ring.png
Strength ring Strength +7 Meathead 30 mini medals
Tower of Rubiss second floor chest
Tough guy tattoo Strength +8 Thug Portoga castle
Great keeper drop, 1/64
DQVIII Mighty Armlet.png
Mighty armlet Strength +15 Paragon Aliahan castle
DQH care ring.png
Care ring Wisdom +15 Good egg Fifer's Spire fifth floor
Tower of Rubiss second floor
Scholar's specs Wisdom +15 Wit 35 mini medals
Goddess ring Wisdom +33
1 MP every four steps
N/A Bonus dungeon, left of Xenlon
Dummy N/A Spoilt brat Damdara
Slime earrings.png
Slime earrings N/A Socialite Kol, 950 gold
Ruby wristband N/A Show-off Isis castle
Pyramid fourth floor
Bonus dungeon, tower section second floor