List of armor in Dragon Quest II

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NES version

Name Image Stat Modified Modifier Buy Price Sell Price Location Image
Clothes Defense +2 Worn by the Princess of Moonbrooke at the start of the game
Leather Armor Defense +6 Worn by the Prince of Midenhall and the Prince of Cannock at the start of the game
Chain Mail Defense +12 480 Leftwyne (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Moonaham (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Cloak of Evasion Defense, Evasion +35, 20% 1250 Rippleport (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Tantegel (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Dirkandor (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Full Plate Armor Defense +25 1000 Moonaham (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Rippleport (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Magic Armor Defense +35, spell/breath damage 3/4 4300 Dirkandor (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Slewse (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Cannock magic armour old.jpg
Mink Mantle Defense +60 65000 Burrowell (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Mink mantle old.jpg
Flowing dress Defense +65, spell/breath damage 1/2 N/A Give the Dew's Yarn and the Magic Loom to Don Calico in Slewse Flowing dress Moonbrooke.jpg
Tectonic Plate Defense +47 N/A Enter the weapon shop in Dirkandor from the back Tectonic plate old.jpg
Armor of Erdrick Defense +75, spell/breath damage 3/4 N/A Found in the Cave to Rendarak ErdrickArmor.png
Wailer's Mail Defense +87 N/A May be dropped by Batmandrill with a rate of 1/32
Wailer's mail old.jpg