List of boomerang alchemy recipes in Dragon Quest IX

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Name Alchemy Ingredients Stats Description Used by
  • Attack: 120
A rip-roaring 'rang that flattens foes like an avalanche of asteroids.
Banefire boomerang
  • Attack: 80
A boomerang blessed with the power of billowing flames.
  • Attack: 75
A throwing stick so staggeringly strong, it can whip up a whirlwind.
  • Attack: 30
A dream 'rang that's a doddle to dispatch and deals decent damage.
Cutting-edge boomerang
  • Attack: 35
A metal boomerang of shocking sharpness.
  • Attack: 65
A kylie whose construction is modelled on the king of hawks.
Erazor-wing boomerang
  • Attack: 58
An uncommonly keen kylie that carves the way to conquest.
Flametang boomerang
  • Attack: 71
A boomerang bearing a fiery force.
  • Attack: 61
A throwing stick suffused with the strength of the wind.
  • Attack: 101
A curious kylie that's a pinch more powerful than the pentarang.
  • Attack: 111
A rip-roaring 'rang that flattens foes like a meteorite.
  • Attack: 89
A bizarre star-shaped boomerang brimming with magic.
Razer-wing boomerang
  • Attack: 50
A razor-sharp 'rang renowned for razing the rabble to the ground.
Reinforced boomerang
  • Attack: 26
A slightly superior version of the basic boomerang.
  • Attack: 129
A rip-roaring 'rang that ploughs through its prey like a supernova.