List of characters in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

This is a list of characters in Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai.


  • Dai, the main hero. He has grown up on an island full of friendly monsters. For a short time, he has been trained by Avan, but he always has difficulty casting spells, usually it works only when he is very angry. His birth name, given by Baran, is Dino.
  • Avan, who trains the hero for a short time, but then dies fighting Hadlar. He remains ever-present as a role model, and many of the characters are former disciples or comrades of Avan. Near the end, it turns out that Avan is alive after all.
  • Popp, another disciple of Avan who came to Dai's island with him. He is the first party member to join, so to say. A magic user with a lazy and cowardly streak who often has to be shamed into doing the right (heroic) thing, he provides the comic relief in the series.
  • Maam, daughter of the warrior and the priest who fought with Avan in the previous war, and a former disciple of his, is the next to join. She is described as a white mage warrior. She has no offensive spells, but a gun Avan gave her that can fire spells on bullets. Popp, who initially detests her, later develops a crush on Maam. When her gun breaks, she trains to become a Warrior.
  • Princess Leona, the young princess of Papnica, a land of sages. Early in the manga, Dai saves her from a conspiracy that tries to use a ritual on the island to kill her, and falls in love with her.
  • Hyunckel, the only human commander in the Demon Army. He later defects to the side of good. He is one of Avan's disciples.

The Demon ArmyEdit

  • Dark Lord Hadlar, who was defeated by Avan in the previous war and kills him early in the manga. He later defects into the good side in his final moments.
  • Baran, Dai's birth father. He is the commander of the Dragon Army. Also, he is a Dragon Knight, like Dai. He is killed by Hadlar.
  • Demon Lord Vearn, head of the Dark Army planning to destroy the world with his Dark Army regiments and generals.
  • Zaboer, Mystic Bishop.

Minor charactersEdit

  • Temjin, Bishop of Papnica Island.
  • The fake heroes, a group who act as heroes but are really just after money. The members in detail:
  • The King of Romos, a typical elderly, rotund Dragon Quest King.
  • Matoriv, a sadistic and lecherous old mage who fought on the side of Avan in the previous war. Reluctantly he agrees to help the heroes again and trains Pop for a while. Graphically, Matoriv sticks out among the characters; both his design and the style in which he is drawn resemble Moebius rather than anything from the Dragon Quest series.
  • Mina, friend of Maam and resident of Nayle Village.
    • English voice- Allysha Nolasco (2020 series)