List of claw alchemy recipes in Dragon Quest IX

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Name Alchemy Ingredients Stats Description Used by
Beastmaster claws
  • Attack: 125
Sharp shredders said to resemble those of the king of beasts.
  • Attack: 99
Terrifying toughened talons made from fire claws.
Dragonlord claws
  • Attack: 143
Claws that can carve up dragon scales as easily as cutting cake.
Dragovian claws
  • Attack: 153
Claws that whip through dragon scales as if they were water.
Dragovian lord claws
  • Attack: 163
Claws that cut dragon scales as quickly as waving goodbye.
Fire claws
  • Attack: 88
Claws that fling forth fire if used as an item in battle.
Gigasteel claws
  • Attack: 47
Super sharp metal scratchers forged from shrewdly selected steel.
Hammer handrills
  • Attack: 83
Heavy-duty drill-like devices that can cut holes through steel.
Kestrel claws
  • Attack: 63
  • Agility: 15
Talons that tear through their target like a hungry hawk.
King cobra claws
  • Attack: 106
Enormous toxic talons, hooked like those of a hellish demon lord.
Kite claws
  • Attack: 72
  • Agility: 20
Talons that tear through their target like a crazed kite.
Orichalcum claws
  • Attack: 138
Godly talons crafted from orichalcum.
Sacred claws
  • Attack: 43
Consecrated claws capable of cutting even formless foes.
Steel claws
  • Attack: 31
Tough talons made from strengthened steel.