List of courage skills in Dragon Quest IX

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Courage skills are learned via the Warrior class.

Whipping Boy[edit]

Protects a single party member from harm for 1 turn, including status inflicting attacks. Requires 8 skill points to learn.


In battle, it attempts to enrage an opponent, causing them to direct attacks at the user. Requires 28 skill points to learn.

On the field, it calls up a random encounter.

Body Slam[edit]

Attempts to reduce the enemy (and the user) to 25% HP. Requires 48 skill points to learn.

Morale Masher[edit]

Launches an attack that also cuts the enemy's tension back by one level. Costs 3 mp to use and requires 70 skill points to learn.

Attack Attacker[edit]

Launches an attack that has a chance of reducing enemy's Attack by one level. The rate of success is determined by the foe's resistance to the Blunt spell. Costs 4 mp to use and requires 100 skill points to learn.

Passive Bonuses[edit]

Fully maximizing the Courage skill tree will grant the following permanent bonuses for the character:

  • When 16 and 56 points are invested into the skill tree, a character's strength will increase by 10 and 30, respectively.
  • When 40 and 80 points are invested into the skill tree, the character's resilience increases by 20 and 40, respectively.
  • When 90 skill points are invested into their Courage, the character's maximum hp will increase by +60
  • With the 'Warrior's Workbook' in inventory, a character has a chance of making a counterattack.