List of crafting stations in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Commonplace constructionEdit

Image Name Description Crating station Ingredients
  Builder's workbench A colourful hexagonal bench hewn from wood Builder's workbench 3 wood, 3 gold ingots, 3 cotton, 3 marble, 3 scales
  Forbidden altar An arcane apparatus for performing unholy alchemical experiments Builder's workbench, infernal workbench 5 scales, 1 terrible talon, 1 bones
  Infernal workbench A workbench designed for destruction as well as creation Builder's workbench, infernal workbench 3 iron ingots, 2 malrothium, 1 humongous horn
  Iron workbench An iron bench for working wonders with minerals and ore Builder's workbench, iron workbench 5 iron ingots, 3 copper ingots, 2 gold ingots, 1 silver ingot
  Stickler's sifter A workbench perforated with a plethora of holes Builder's workbench 6 iron ingots, 5 grass fibres
  Stone workbench A wondrous workbench designed for only the best of builders Builder's workbench, stone workbench 5 stones, 3 steel ingots, 2 magic crystals, 1 gold ingot
  Tree stump The smooth surface of this stump serves as a rough and ready workbench Builder's workbench 5 wood
  Wooden workbench A durable desk housing a host of tools that have been primed to perfection Builder's workbench, wooden workbench 5 wood, 3 cord, 2 grass fibre, 1 wheat, 1 tomato
  Worn out workbench A battered bench that can still be used to build basic items Builder's workbench 3 wood

Specialist's stationsEdit

Image Name Description Crating station Ingredients
  Anvil A traditional workbench that is a blacksmith's best friend Builder's workbench 5 iron ingots
  Carpenter's workstation A bench wrought for builders who enjoy working with wood Builder's workbench 12 wood
  Forge A sturdy stone smithy hot enough to melt almost anything Builder's workbench, iron workbench, stone workbench 8 stones
  Furnace A massive metal chamber so hot it can melt the hardest materials Builder's workbench 1 forge, 5 iron ingots, 3 coal
  Machinist's workbench An amazing arrangement of automatic apparatuses Builder's workbench 8 iron ingots, 3 copper ingots, 3 wood
  Mason's workstation A bench conceived for builders who savor sculpting stone Builder's workbench 12 stone
  Sewing station A device that can turn all manner of materials into all manner of materials Builder's workbench 6 grass fibres, 4 wood
  Wizard's workbench A workbench augmented with arcane powers that can imbue items with esoteric energy Builder's workbench 3 magic crystals, 3 stones
  Welder's workbench A technical table designed for assembling simple machines Builder's workbench 8 iron ingots, 3 magnetite, 1 glass

Brewing barsEdit

Image Name Description Crating station Ingredients
  Brick barbecue The brick barrier focuses the flames to create an ideal toasting temperature Builder's workbench, stone workbench infernal workbench 1 bonfire, 3 earth, 2 iron ingots, 1 wood
  Kitchen counter A big bench for preparing modern meals Builder's workbench 6 iron ingots, 3 wood

Colouring contraptionsEdit

Image Name Description Crating station Ingredients
  Colour wheel A curious contraption capable of colouring cubes Builder's workbench 8 stones
  Stain extractor A stout-bodied barrel with a weighted lid Builder's workbench 10 wood, 2 cord, 1 stone
  Tinting tun A cauldron containing colourful dyes Builder's workbench, iron workbench 6 earth, 1 oil