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List of decorations in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Static decorationsEdit

Image Name Description Ingredients
  Armoire A stony storage closet for keeping clothes in. 5 Wood, 2 stone, 2 cord, 1 copper ingot
  Bar counter A classy counter for a stylish saloon. 4 Wood, 3 iron ingot
  Barrel A cask crafted from curved wooden planks. 2 wood, 1 cord
  Bath tub An extraordinary apparatus that turns your skin all wrinkly. 4 Stone, 2 coal
  Beastly burrow The dreadful den of a creeping, crawling monsters. 3 earth
  Book A hardback book full of swashbuckling stories and useful information. 3 grass fibre
  Bookcase A simple set of shelves loaded with literature. 3 books, 1 wood
  Bottles Glass receptacles used for storing liquids and ships. 2 glass
  Cask A round receptacle best suited for storing beverages. 4 Wood, 1 cord
  Castle column pedestal x5 N/A 2 marble
  Chest of drawers A set of small drawers suited for storing small things. 4 wood
  Citadel column x10 N/A 5 strange sand, 1 bones
  Citadel column capital N/A 1 citadel column
  Citadel column midsection N/A 1 citadel column
  Citadel column pedestal N/A 1 citadel column
  Citadel column plinth N/A 5 strange sand, 1 bones
  Citadel handrail x10 N/A 5 strange sand, 1 stone
  Classic column x10 N/A 2 marble
  Classic column capital N/A 1 classic column
  Classic column midsection N/A 1 classic column
  Classic column pedestal N/A 1 classic column
  Column A massive marble support structure with a classical cut. 2 marble, 1 gold ingot
  Crate A cube-shaped container made from wooden planks. Wood
  Draconic column An imposing pillar capped with cruel countenance. 6 marble
  Dressing table A dainty dresser with a mirror made to aid you in applying your makeup. 3 wood, 5 glass, 1 copper ingot
  Dumb bells Heavy hunks of iron used by bodybuilders to beef up their biceps. 1 Iron ingot, 1 cord
  Equipment display stand A simple stand designed for displaying weapons and armour. 2 Wood, 1 iron ingot
  Fierce fountain A corner carving featuring the face of a ferocious feline. 8 wood
  Filter fountain A percolating pump that purifies polluted water. 4 stone, 1 sand, 1 grass fibre
  Fountain Water sprays playfully from this pretty pump. 4 stone, 1 silver ingot
  Goddess statue A sculpture of the gracious Goddess watching over her children with a sympathetic smile. 4 stone
  Grandfather clock A sizable timepiece that's too tall for the shelf. 6 wood
  Gravestone A simple stone symbol for a soul now at rest. 2 stone
  Helliportal A horrible hole believed to be a back passage to a damned dominion. 3 copper ingot
  Item display stand A simple stand designed for displaying tools and other items. 2 Wood, 1 fur
  Old Note N/A 1 note
  Ornamental armour Armour designed for decoration, not defense. 3 Iron ingot, 1 wood
  Ornamental spears N/A 1 steel ingot, 3 wood
  Plant pot A big pot for planting pot plants. 1 earth
  Pot An earthen urn that can be used to store one's personal property. 1 spoiled soil, 1 oil
  Potage pot N/A 3 earth, 1 oil
  Potted plant An attractive arrangement of pretty pink flowers. 1 Coralilly Seed , 1 earth
  Powie yowie rug A soft and fluffy floor covering in the shape of a massive monster. 3 fur, 1 cord
  Pretty pillar A beautiful block of rock with a stylish sphere atop it. 3 Stone
  Sink A big basin where you can wash your dirty dishes in warm water. 4 Stone
  Slime balloons A bunch of buoyant balloons shaped like lovely slimes. 3 Glowdrop , 1 wood, 1 cord
  Stationary A pen and paper used for drafting documents or writing reports. 1 glass, 3 grass fibre
  Stuffed hammerhood doll A cute and cuddly recreation of a cute and cuddly creature. 15 grass fibre, 20 cord
  Treasures 'n' Trapdoors board Nobody knows whose turn it is, or who's winning or losing. 4 grass fibre, 1 wood, 1 cherry blossom
  Vile tile An engraved tile bearing a depiction of a deadly demon. 1 copper ingot
  Wardrobe Furniture used to store clothes without folding them. 5 wood
  Washtub A watertight wooden tub used to scoop up water. 2 wood, 1 cord
  Water jug A pitcher for pouring and storing drinks. 2 Silver ingot
  Well A deep, dark hole from which water can be drawn. 3 stone
  Wooden memorial A modest monument memorializing a life lived and lost. 2 wood, 1 cord

Room modifiersEdit


Image Name Description Ingredients
  King-sized bed A bed of princely proportions, with plenty of space to roll around in. 3 cotton, 2 fur, 2 wood
  Princess-sized bed A great big bed with closable curtains to give a princess her privacy. 5 cotton, 2 gold ingots, 2 fur, 2 wood
  Rockbomb bed N/A 4 grass fibre, 2 cotton
  Rustic bed N/A 5 grass fibre, 2 wood
  Simple bed A wooden frame with a comfy cotton mattress on top. 3 grass fibre, 2 wood
  Straw bedding N/A 3 dry grass
  Straw mattress Basic bedding made from dried weeds woven together. 2 dry grass, 1 wood

Facetious foodEdit

Image Name Description Ingredients
  Bread basket Fresh-baked baguettes with an appetising aroma in a rustic arrangement. Bread (x2), broken branch 200
  Crockery Glazed tableware made from kiln-fired clay. Clay (x5), coal 30
  Fish dish A flavoursome feast featuring the finest fish in the salty sea. Sailor's stew, crockery 300
  Meat feast A serving of finely sliced steak with all the trimmings. Searing steak, crockery 200
  Salad plate A serving of salad that's as hearty as it is healthy. Fruit salad, crockery 200
  Tea service A delicate and dainty table setting ideal for afternoon tea Hearty cream cake, crockery 300


Image Name Description Ingredients
  Bench A long wooden seat that's perfect for placing in a park. 3 Wood, 2 cord
  Big table The finest timber carefully carved into a long, low table. 4 Wood
  Chic chair A high-backed set that's overflowing with opulence. 1 cotton, 1 fur, 1 wood
  Comfy sofa A soft settee to relax and recline on. 3 cotton, 2 wood, 2 grass fibre
  Comfy stool A chair crowned with a cozy cushion, perfect for a painful posterior. 3 grass fibre, 2 wood
  Dragonlord's throne The sinister seat of the dreadful Dragonlord 15 stone, 15 wood, 15 grass fibre
  Dining table A trendy tablecloth adorns this otherwise austere table. 3 grass fibre, 2 wood
  Extravagant table A lot of lumber is required to build this titanic table. 5 wood, 4 grass fibre
  Round table A circular stone table that's well-suited to the chivalrous. 6 stone, 1 gold ingot
  Small table The finest timber carefully carved into a small, square table. 3 wood
  Stone stool A smooth stone seat that's upholstered with hide. 1 fur, 2 stone
  Stone table A slab of stone shaped and smoothed into a cylinder. 3 stone 100
  Throne A sumptuous seat that's fit for a king. 1 Disfigured Throne, 5 cotton, 2 gold ingot
  Wooden stool A simple stool crafted from carefully whittled wood. 2 wood

Light sourcesEdit

Image Name Description Ingredients
  Bab's billboard N/A 5 gold ingot, 4 silver ingot, 1 zenithium
  Beacon of Erdrick N/A 1 enchanted ember, 4 gold ingot, 3 oil
  Bonfire A big bundle of branches that burns brightly. 3 wood, 3 oil
  Brazier A blazing bowl of fire that illuminates everything around it. 3 stone, 1 coal
  Candle N/A 1 gold ingot, 1 oil
  Candelabrum x5 A handsome candleholder that can be firmly fastened to any wall. 5 silver ingot, 1 oil
  Candelstick x5 A handy candle stand to keep the darkness at bay. 5 silver ingot, 1 oil
  Ceramic scone N/A 1 spoiled soil, 1 wood, 1 oil
  Cookfire N/A 6 wood, 1 bonfire
  Fireplace A large hearth that's handy for heating a house. 8 stone, 4 coal, 1 copper ingot
  Golden brazier N/A 5 gold ingot, 1 coal
  Jack-o'-lantern N/A 1 pumpkin, 1 wood, 1 oil
  King slime light N/A 3 mythril, 3 gold ingot, 1 oil
  Lantern A bright light powered by a mysterious mechanism. 1 glass, 1 copper ingot, 1 oil
  Light box N/A 1 gold ingot, 1 glass
  Naughty night light A light-hearted lamp imbued with an alluring ambience.
(must collect 5 rubies to unlock recipe)
1 ruby, 5 oil
  Sconce A copper cradle that keeps the torch attached to the wall. 1 torch, 1 copper ingot
  Slime light N/A 1 mythril, 1 gold ingot, 1 oil
  Sinister sconce N/A 1 torch, 1 iron ingot, 1 strange sand
  Stove A basic burner designed to warm and light rooms, not to warm light meals. 4 stone, 2 iron ingot, 2 wood
  Torch A burning branch fueled with flammable fluid. 3 wood, 1 oil
  Wall lamp N/A 1 glass, 1 iron ingot, 1 oil
  Watchfire N/A 1 wood, 1 brazier

Wall hangingsEdit

Image Name Description Ingredients
  Armourer's sign A sign showing that a shop sells weapons. 1 Iron ingot
  Big bold banner x5 A huge hanging handsome enough to be hung in the most magnificent of halls. 5 cotton, 3 gold
  Bold banner x5 A tall tapestry with a distinguished design. 3 cotton, 1 gold
  Bunting x10 N/A 3 grass fibre, 1 cord
  Chains A pair of unescapable iron manacles designed to handcuff hostages to the wall. 2 Iron ingot
  Cloth sacks N/A 2 grass fibre, 1 cord
  Clover carving A quaint stone quatrefoil designed to decorate a castle wall. 2 Stone
  Cooking utensils N/A 1 iron ingot, 1 wood
  Curtain N/A 3 cotton, 2 cord
  Dart board N/A 3 iron ingot, 2 wood
  Decorative drapery A coloured cloth drape designed to be strung from the ceiling, or used as a bulky blindfold. 3 grass fibre, 3 cord
  Decorative shield A silver-plated shield too weighty to wield in combat. 2 marble, 1 iron ingot
  Framed foliage N/A 1 leaves, 1 cord, 1 wood
  Hargon's standard N/A 3 cotton, 1 gold ingot, 1 wood
  Hela's hammer sign A big wooden board with a huge hammer carved into it. 1 Armourer's sign, 1 mythril
  Gentleman sign A bold blue sign to signify the denizen of a dwelling. Wood, magic dye, blue goo 100
  Ladder A set of vertical steps pieced together from planks. Wood (x3), cord 10 (ten)
  Lady sign A rich red sign to signify the denizen of a dwelling. Wood, magic dye, orange oil 100
  Inn sign A sign showing that guests are welcome to stay the night. 1 Wood
  Name plate N/A 1 wood
  Ornamental swords These swords might be crummy in combat, but they're lovely to look at. 2 iron ingot
  Picture frame N/A 5 wood
  Portrait of a lady An impressionistic image of a formidable figure. 5 grass fibre, 1 wood
  Pub sign N/A 1 iron ingot
  Shop sign A sign showing that a shop sells items. 1 wood
  Signpost A simple sign made of wood. Broken branch (x3) 100
  Smashing sign x10 N/A 1 grass fibre, 1 cord
  Stage curtain N/A 3 cotton
  Summoning stone A magical monument that summons structures from a faraway place. Brick wall, iron ingot 0
  Towel rail A wall-mounted rail with a towel attached. 2 grass fibre, 1 wood
  Vile visage A carving of the fearsome face of a foul fiend. 4 strange sand, 3 stone
  Wall hanging N/A 3 grass fibre
  Wall mounted banner N/A 3 cotton, 1 gold ingot, 1 wood


Image Name Description Ingredients Points
  Chest Branches bundled together to form a stout strongbox. Broken branch (x3) 50
  Colossal closet A sturdy stone stash expansive enough to accommodate a whole person. Wood (x8), brick wall (x5), stone (x3), iron ingot (x3), glass 1000
  Colossal coffer An enormous enchanted chest that can store all the materials a busy Builder needs. Earth (x3), blue goo
Wood (x8), fur (x3), pot
  Community chest Branches bundled together to form a stout strongbox. 3 wood
  Treasure chest These comely coffers often proffer treasure. 1 Iron ingot, 1 gold