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List of fan skills in Dragon Quest IX

The following are fan skills in Dragon Quest IX. Fan skills can be learned the Minstrel, Martial Artist, and Luminary vocation.


Flower PowerEdit

Attempts to dazzle a group of enemies. Costs 2 MP to use.

Reverse CycleEdit

Reflects breath attacks for 6~9 turns. Costs 4 MP to use and requires 13 skill points.

Water SlaughtererEdit

An attack that deals 50% more damage to aquatic enemies. Requires 35 skill points to master.


Increases evasion by one stage. Costs 3 MP to use and 58 skill points to learn.

Fan DangoEdit

Hits four random targets for half damage. Costs 8 MP to use and 88 skill points to learn.

Hustle DanceEdit

Restores 75~80 HP to all party members, at no MP cost. Requires the 'Further Fanmanship' in the character's inventory to use.

Omnivocational FanmasterEdit

Enables the character to use fans with any vocation.