List of fan skills in Dragon Quest IX

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The following are fan skills in Dragon Quest IX. Fan skills can be learned the Minstrel, Martial Artist, and Luminary vocation.

Flower Power[edit]

Attempts to dazzle a group of enemies. Costs 2 MP to use.

Reverse Cycle[edit]

Reflects breath attacks for 6~9 turns. Costs 4 MP to use and requires 13 skill points.

Water Slaughterer[edit]

An attack that deals 50% more damage to aquatic enemies. Requires 35 skill points to master.


Increases evasion by one stage. Costs 3 MP to use and 58 skill points to learn.

Fan Dango[edit]

Hits four random targets for half damage. Costs 8 MP to use and 88 skill points to learn.

Hustle Dance[edit]

Restores 75~80 HP to all party members, at no MP cost. Requires the 'Further Fanmanship' in the character's inventory to use.

Omnivocational Fanmaster[edit]

Enables the character to use fans with any vocation.