List of farming equipment in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Terraforming itemsEdit

Image Name Description Ingredients
  Fertilizer A stinky substance used to enrich earth for farming 10 wheat, 2 night soil
  Ice lolly A frozen confection to cool you off for a hot day 1 ice, 1 wood
  Sluice gate A wooden gate for intelligent irrigation 3 wood
  Worm food A lush, loamy lump of a worm's favorite fodde 2 night soil, 1 grass seed
  Woody goody A falvorful lump full of the fresh air of a verdant forest 2 night soil, 1 grass seed, 1 acorn


Image Name Description Ingredients
  Diagonal fencing A stockade of stakes designed to keep beasts at bay 3 wood, 1 cord
  Picket fencing A partician wrought of wood, crafted so to be conveniently connectable 3 wood
  Picket gate A wooden gate fit for a farm 3 wood
  Wooden gate No-frills fencing that swings on hinges 2 wood, 2 cord
  Wooden fencing A cylindrical wooden stake for constructing sturdy stockades 3 wood

Planting materialsEdit

Image Name Description Ingredients
  Planter A wooden receptacle replete with rich soil 3 wood, 1 earth
  Planting pole A sturdy stick for climbing plants to twist and twirl their tendrils about 3 wood, 1 cord
  Scarecrow A stuffed straw man to drive off destructive pests 5 dry grass, 1 wood, 1 cord

Pet accoutrementsEdit

Image Name Description Ingredients
  Haystack Good luck finding a needle in this heap of hay 3 wheat
  Pet bedding A basic bed for an animal companion to curl up in for a comfy kip 2 wheat
  Pet bowl A small saucer to hold snacks for your animal companion 1 wood