List of weapons in Dragon Quest VII

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Legend: H = Hero, K = Kiefer M = Maribel, Ruff = R, S = Sir Mervyn, A = Aishe
Name Attack Type Equip Notes
Poison needle 1 Knife MRS 1/6 instant death
Poison needle plus 1 Knife MRS 50% instant death
Cypress stick 2 Spear HKMRSA Reduces Ruff's Attack by 1
Bamboo spear 5 Spear HKMRSA Reduces Ruff's Attack by 2
Bone stake 6 Knife Ruff
Oaken club 8 Hammer HKRSA
Bronze knife 9 Knife MRSA Reduces Ruff's Attack by 4
Copper sword 11 Sword HKRSA Reduces Ruff's Attack by 5
Stone fangs 12 Fangs Ruff
Giant mallet 14 Hammer Kiefer, Aishe
Divine dagger 14 Knife HKMRSA Reduces Ruff's Attack by 7
Boomerang 15 Boomerang Hero, Ruff
Wizard's staff 15 Wand Maribel, Sir Mervyn Casts Frizz
Staff of salvation 15 Wand Maribel, Sir Mervyn Casts Midheal
Thorn whip 18 Whip Maribel, Aishe
Stone axe 19 Axe Kiefer, Ruff, Aishe
Iron claws 21 Claws Ruff
Falcon blade 22 Sword Hero, Sir Mervyn, Aishe Two strikes, 75% damage per hit
Iron lance 23 Spear HKRSA Reduces Ruff's Attack by 11
Poison moth knife 23 Knife Maribel, Sir Mervyn 1/6th chance to paralyze
Leather whip 25 Whip Maribel, Aishe
Edged boomerang 26 Boomerang Hero, Ruff
Chain sickle 27 Misc. KRSA Reduces Ruff's Attack by 13
Shepperd's crook 27 Misc. Maribel, Sir Mervyn Uses Animal Magnetism
Slime stick 28 Wand HKMRS
Lightning staff 28 Wand Maribel, Sir Mervyn Casts Sizzle
Assassin's dagger 30 Knife Maribel 1/8th chance to instant kill
Sledgehammer 31 Hammer Kiefer, Aishe
Snooze stick 32 Wand Maribel, Sir Mervyn Casts Snooze
Steel broadsword 33 Sword HRSA Reduces ruff's attack by 16
Chain whip 33 Whip MSA
Steel fangs 35 Fangs Ruff
Staff of divine wrath 35 Wand Maribel, Sir Mervyn Casts Swoosh
Holy lance 36 Spear HSA
Staff of sentencing 37 Wand Maribel, Sir Mervyn Casts Woosh
Iron axe 38 Axe HKRA
Joker's soaker 39 Misc. Hero, Aishe
Rune staff 39 Wand Maribel, Sir Mervyn Uses Kabuff
Staff of antimagic 40 Wand Maribel, Sir Mervyn Casts Fizzle
Knuckledusters 40 Claws HRA
Cautery sword 42 Sword HSA Casts Sizz
Morning star 43 Flail MSA
Frying pan 44 Misc. HMSA
Falcon knife earrings 45 Knife Maribel, Aishe Hits twice, full power each
Sizeable scissors 47 Misc. Aishe
Battle-axe 49 Axe Hero, Aishe
Sage's staff 50 Wand Maribel, Sir Mervyn Casts Midheal
Dragontail whip 52 Whip HSA
Fire claws 53 Claws Ruff Casts Frizzle
Saw blade 54 Sword HKA
Rippled rapier 55 Sword Hero, Aishe Casts Bound
Faerie foil 58 Sword HSA Casts Buff
Lunar fan 60 Fan Maribel, Aishe
Platinum sword 60 Sword HSA
Icicle dirk 62 Knife Ruff Casts Crackle
Magma staff 63 Wand MSA Casts Magma blast
War hammer 64 Hammer Hero, Aishe
Spiked steel whip 65 Whip Maribel, Aishe
Flametang boomerang 65 Boomerang Hero, Ruff
Dream blade 65 Sword HSA 25% chance to put enemy to sleep on hit
Mercury's rapier 65 Sword HSA 2 hits, 75% damage per
Staff of resurrection 66 Wand Maribel, Sir Mervyn Casts Zing
Siren sword 70 Sword Maribel, Aishe 25% chance to confuse enemy on hit
Ferocious fangs 73 Fangs Ruff 1/6th chance to paralyze enemy on hit
Watermaul wand 74 Wand HMS Casts Coral Grief
Zombiesbane 75 Sword HSA +50% damage against Undead family
Staff of Re-resurrection 79 Wand Maribel, Sir Mervyn Casts Kazing
Dragonsbane 83 Sword Hero, Aishe +50% against Dragon family
Dragon claws 85 Claws Ruff
Fire blade 87 Sword Hero, Aishe Casts Bang, +50% Frizz damage on hit
Staff of Rain 88 Wand Maribel, Sir Mervyn Casts Coral Grief
Cobra claws 90 Claws Ruff 25% chance to inflict poison
Sword of roamers 90 Sword HSA 1/8th chance to stun foe
Massacre sword 95 Sword Kiefer, Aishe Cursed, reduces Def. to 0 & targets all foes
Beast claws 95 Claws Ruff
Sunderbolt blade 95 Sword HSA Casts Zap
Godacus sword 97 Sword Hero, Aishe Casts Kasap
Demon spear 99 Spear MSA 1/6th chance to kill on hit
Miracle sword 100 Sword HKSA Restores 25% of damage inflicted
Saviour staff 103 Wand Sir Mervyn Casts Insulatle, drain 3MP per attack
Blizzard blade 105 Sword Hero, Aishe Inflicts bonus 50% Crack damage on hit
Headman's Axe 108 Axe Aishe Critical on hit, 3/8ths accuracy
Bastard sword 109 Sword Hero, Aishe
Sword of ruin 110 Sword Hero, Aishe Cursed 25% chance to paralyze self, 1/16 critical hit rate
Great bow 110 Bow Hero, Aishe
Solar fan 110 Fan Maribel, Aishe Targets group
Hela's hammer 115 Hammer Hero, Aishe 3/8ths accuracy, critical on hit
Wizardly whip 115 Whip Maribel, Aishe
Double-edged sword 117 Sword Hero, Aishe Cursed, 1/6 recoil damage
Hela's hefty hammer 120 Hammer HKA 2/3rds accuracy, critical on hit
Kingsblade 120 Sword Aishe
Flail of destruction 125 Flail HRA Targets all foes
Sea serpent blade 125 Sword Hero Casts Maelstrom
Metal king sword 130 Sword HMSA
Orichalcum fangs 135 Fangs Ruff
Okeanos sword 140 Sword HSA Casts Oomph, 50% trailing Zap damage
Gringham whip 145 Whip HMSA Targets group