List of weapons in Dragon Quest VIII

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The following is a list of weapons in Dragon Quest VIII. Please note that Jessica and Red cannot equip swords until they unlocks the "Equip Swords" (Dagger 30/59 respectively) trait.

 Drop Reliance - (R):Rare (N):Normal     Currency - T:Casino Tokens  tM:Tiny Medal  G:Gold
Image Name Attack Equip Buy / Sell Recipes Area Drop Notes
DQVIII Assassins Dagger.png
Assassin's dagger 37 Jessica Found / 1250G Eagle dagger + Poison needle Arcadia Region Anchorman(R) (1/256), Claws(R) (1/64), Jackal ripper(R) (1/256), Jumping jackal(R) Treasure chest on the field
Bandit axe 55 Yangus Found / 6500G Battle axe + Thief's Key Pickham NONE Give Dodgy Dave in Pickham a Ring of immunity
Bardiche of binding 83 Yangus Reward / 12000G NONE Monster Arena - complete Rank B NONE Bonus 25% damage to demons. 12.5% chance to Fizzle enemies on hit
Bastard Sword.png
Bastard sword 61 Hero, Jessica 8800G / 4400G NONE Arcadia Fowlfighter(R) (1/256), Right wing(R) (1/64)
BattleAxe.png Battle axe 45 Yangus 4300G / 2150G NONE Argonia Zombie gladiator(N) (1/64)
Battle fork 42 Hero Found / 3300G NONE Argonia Archdemon(R) (1/256), Belial(R) (1/64) Treasure room on fourth floor in Argonia Castle
BlizzardBlade.png Blizzard blade 90 Hero, Jessica 21000G / 10500G Bastard sword + Cold cheese + Icicle dirk Tryan Gully NONE Deals bonus crack damage, half of melee damage dealt before resistances applied.
Boomerang 19 Hero 420G / 210G NONE Alexandria, Farebury Spitnik(N) (1/32), Yabby(N) (1/128) Hits all enemies
DQVIII Bronze Knife.png
Bronze knife 9 Jessica 150G / 75G NONE Peregrin Quay Shadow(N) (1/32)
Chain whip 32 Jessica 2200G / 1100G NONE Argonia Bazaar, Neos Mars rover(R) (1/256), Frost wyvine(R) 1/128)
Cheiron's bow 63 Angelo Found / 4500G Eros' bow + Power shield Rydon's Tower NONE Tool use: Recovers 30~40 HP for entire party when used in battle
Conquerer's axe 103 Yangus Found / 7500G NONE Howlwind Hill NONE
Copper Sword.png
Copper sword 13 Hero, Jessica 270G / 135G Bronze knife + Bronze knife Alexandria, Farebury Capsichum(R) (1/256), Demonrider(N) (1/32), Hawk Man(R) (1/64), Jum(R) (1/64)
Cypress stick 4 Hero 10G / 5G NONE Farebury, Peregrin Quay Capsichum(N) (1/64), Lump mage(N) (1/32), Mud mannequin(R) (1/32)
Dagger 18 Jessica 350G / 175G NONE Ascantha Clockwork cuckoo(R) (1/64), Riptide(N) (1/32)
Demon spear 86 Hero Crafted / 12500G Battle fork + Devil's tail + Poison needle Alchemy Pot NONE Has an 12.5% chance of killing an enemy (excluding bosses) in one hit
Demon whip 72 Jessica Found / 3500G Devil's tail + Scourge whip Godbird's Eyrie (Dark World) Hellstalker(R) (1/128) CURSED
Double-edged sword 76 Hero, Jessica Found / 2500G Devil's tail + Über double-edge Princess Minnie's Castle NONE CURSED. Deals 25% recoil damage user on successful hit.
Dragonsbane 72 Hero, Jessica 11000G / 6000G NONE Orkutsk, Tryan Gully NONE Bonus 30% damage to dragons
Dragon slayer 83 Hero, Jessica Crafted / 22500G Dragonsbane + Mighty armlet Alchemy Pot NONE Bonus 60% extra damage to dragons
Dragontail whip 47 Jessica Crafted / 7400G Dragon scale + Dragon scale + Snakeskin whip Alchemy Pot NONE
Dragovian sword 107 Hero Reward / N/A NONE Dragovian Sanctuary NONE One of the rewards available for defeating the Lord of the Dragovians; Tool use: 48~80 zap damage to all enemies.
Dragovian king sword 137 Hero Crafted / N/A Dragovian sword + Liquid metal sword Alchemy Pot NONE Tool use: 120~200 zap damage to one enemy group.
DreamBlade.png Dream blade 43 Hero, Angelo, Jessica 4700G / 3150G NONE Desert Chapel, Neos, Peddler's tent Dark turkey(R) (1/128) Tool use: Casts Snooze when used as a tool in battle. Puts enemies to sleep on successful hit 12.5% of the time
Eagle dagger 39 Jessica 3900G / 1950G NONE Savella Cathedral Elysium bird(N) (1/128), Hades condor(R) (1/64)
Edged boomerang 27 Hero 1360G / 680G NONE Ascantha, Neos Crayzee(N) (1/64), Dark star(R) (1/128) Hits all enemies
Eros' bow 45 Angelo Crafted / 5800G Garter + Hunter's bow Alchemy Pot NONE 12.5% chance to confuse enemies on successful hit
Falcon blade 37 Hero, Angelo, Jessica 10,000T / 5000G NONE Baccarat Casino NONE Attacks twice per round, 0.75% damage per hit.
Falcon knife 34 Jessica 7700G / 4400G Agility ring + Slime earrings + Tough guy tattoo Argonia Bazaar, Orkutsk NONE Attacks twice per round
Fallen angel rapier 61 Angelo Crafted / 8500G Devil's tail + Holy silver rapier + Wing of bat Alchemy Pot NONE 12.5% chance to confuse enemies on successful hit
Farmer's scythe 28 Yangus 910G / 460G NONE Peregrin Quay, Port Prospect Foul anchor(R) (1/64), Iron rhino(N) (1/32), Iron scorpion(R) (1/128)
Flail of destruction 125 Yangus 110tM / 22500G NONE Princess Minnie's Castle NONE Hits all enemies. Give 110 tiny medals to Princess Minnie
Flail of fury 93 Yangus Reward / N/A NONE Red's Den NONE Hits all enemies. Visit Red after acquiring the 7 orbs
Flametang boomerang 63 Hero Found / 7250G Flame shield + Swallowtail Argonia > Dark Ruins area NONE Hits all enemies. Treasure chest on the west field of Argonia accessible by flight
GiantMallet.png Giant mallet 13 Yangus 240G / 120G NONE Alexandria, Farebury Abominape(N) (1/32), Brownie(R) (1/64), Cyclops(R) (1/64), Gorerilla(R) (1/64), Hammerhood(R) (1/64), Pink pongo(N) (1/64)
Golden axe 27 Yangus Crafted / 5000G Gold nugget + Iron axe Alchemy Pot NONE
Great bow 95 Angelo 28000G / 14000G NONE Tryan Gully NONE
GringhamWhip.png Gringham whip 127 Jessica 200,000T / 10000G NONE Baccarat Casino NONE Hits all enemies
Heavy hatchet 110 Yangus 29000G / 15000G NONE Tryan Gully NONE
Hell sabre 99 Angelo Found / 7300G NONE Argonia (at night) > Trolls Maze NONE Locate the house with a mirror that glows at night... and enter the Troll's Maze!
Hell scythe 65 Yangus 9500G / 5000G Hades' helm + Poison moth knife + Steel scythe Arcadia NONE 12.5% chance to paralyze enemies on successful hit
Hero spear 100 Hero Reward / 15000G NONE Monster Arena - complete Rank A NONE Recovers HP by about 1/4th of the damage done to the enemy
Holy lance 39 Hero 2700G / 1350G Gold rosary + Long spear Pickham Bone baron(R) (1/128), Grim rider(N) (1/64)
HolySilverRapier.png Holy silver rapier 54 Angelo 6600G / 3300G Holy talisman + Templar's sword Neos, Savella Cathedral NONE
HuntersBow.png Hunter's bow 30 Angelo 1700G / 850G NONE Pickham Bodkin fletcher(R) (1/64), Hunter mech(N) (1/64)
IcicleDirk.png Icicle dirk 52 Jessica Found / 4000G NONE Black Citadel, Herb grotto NONE Tool use: Casts Crackle when used in battle. Inflicts crack damage on hit, half of melee damage before resistances apply.
Imp Knife.png
Imp knife 52 Jessica Crafted / 2250G Assassin's dagger + Devil's tail Alchemy Pot NONE 12.5% chance to steal MP from enemy on hit
Iron axe 38 Yangus 2600G / 1300G Farmer's scythe + Farmer's scythe Pickham Berserker(R) (1/64), Hoodlum(R) (1/64), Tyrantosaurus(R)(1/64)
Iron lance 24 Hero 750G / 375G Cypress stick + Dagger Peregrin Quay, Port Prospect Foul anchor(N) (1/32), Octavian pirate(R) (1/128), Orc(R) (1/64), Scorpion(R) (1/128)
King axe 80 Yangus 17000G / 8500G Golden axe + Slime crown Orkutsk, Tryan Gully NONE
Leather whip 6 Jessica Found / 85G Devil's tail + Saint's ashes Pickham Area King squid(N) (1/32), Terror tabby(N) (1/16) Jessica starts with this equipped. Treasure chest on the field
Lightning staff 24 Angelo, Jessica Found / 2300G NONE Argonia Area NONE Tool use: Casts Sizzle when used as a tool in battle {on a chosen group of enemies}. Treasure chest on the western field
Liquid metal sword 118 Hero, Angelo, Jessica Crafted / 5000G Orichalcum + Rusty old sword + Slime crown Alchemy Pot NONE Can cause 2HP of damage to metal slime enemies.
Long spear 30 Hero 1700G / 850G Cypress stick + Cypress stick + Iron lance Simpleton Orc king(R) (1/64), Octavian sentry(R) (1/128)
Magical mace 79 Angelo, Jessica 9000G / 4500G NONE Dark Empycchu, Empycchu NONE 25% to steal MP from enemy upon successful hit.
Magma staff 28 Angelo, Jessica Crafted / 2500G Rockbomb Shard + Rockbomb Shard + Wizard's staff Alchemy Pot NONE Tool use: Casts Bang when used as a tool in battle
Megaton hammer 108 Yangus Crafted / 55500G Conquerer's axe + Orichalcum + Über war hammer Alchemy Pot NONE 12.5% to a critical hit, stacks with innate crit bonus in skill tree. If you want this hammer you will have to sacrifice the best axe in the game, and once you do there is no way to get the axe back.
Mercury's rapier 78 Angelo 10500G / 5100G Fallen angel rapier + Mercury's bandana + Mercury's bandana Dark Empycchu, Empycchu NONE Increased agility by 20AP when equipped
Metal king spear 120 Hero Found / 24000G NONE Dragovian Path NONE Treasure chest on the path, guarantees damage to metal slimes.
Metal wing boomerang 90 Hero Crafted / 36000G Metal king spear + Razor wing boomerang Alchemy Pot NONE Usually only 1HP of damage is caused on metal enemies. However, on occasion it will cause 2HP on the first hit. If you want this boomerang you will have to sacrifice the best spear in the game, and once you do there is no way to get the spear back.
Miracle sword 80 Hero, Jessica 68tM / 1000G NONE Princess Minnie's Castle NONE Recovers HP by about 1/4th of the damage done to the enemy. Give 68 tiny medals to Princess Minnie
Moon axe 60 Yangus Found / 11000G Golden axe + Moon's mercy Argonia NONE Treasure chest on first floor which requires the Ultimate Key
Oaken club 7 Yangus 110G / 55G NONE Alexandria, Farebury Hammerhood(N) (1/128), Khalamari kid(R) (1/32), Mischievous mole(R) (1/32) Yangus starts with this equipped.
DQVIII Odins Bow.png
Odin's bow 125 Angelo Crafted / 48000G Cheiron's bow + Eros' bow + Great bow Alchemy Pot NONE
Partisan 44 Hero 4400G / 2200G NONE Argonia, Savella Cathedral NONE
Platinum sword 40 Hero, Angelo, Jessica Found / 3000G NONE Uncharted SouthWest Isle Hell gladiator(R) (1/256)
Poison moth knife 29 Jessica 950G / 475G NONE Pickham Garuda(R) (1/64), Hell hornet(R) (1/128), Icikiller(R) (1/256) 12.5% chance to paralyze enemies on successful hit
Poison needle 0 Jessica 1900G / 1000G NONE Baccarat Death scorpion(R) (1/256), Venom wasp(R) (1/256) Only inflicts 1 HP damage, 12.5% chance to land an instant kill
Rapier 17 Angelo 300G / 150G NONE Simpleton Magic dumbbell(R) (1/64), Night fox(N) (1/16), Paprikan(R) (1/64) Angelo starts with this equipped.
Razor wing boomerang 42 Hero 3800G / 1900G Edged boomerang + Steel scythe + Wing of bat Argonia Bazaar Gryphon(R) (1/256)
Reinforced boomerang 32 Hero Crafted / 840G Boomerang + Iron nail Alchemy Pot NONE
Rune staff 30 Angelo, Jessica 3000T / 3150G NONE Pickham Casino Wight priest(R) (1/256) Tool use: Casts Kabuff when used as a tool in battle
Rusty old sword 45 Hero, Jessica Found / N/A Cowpat + Liquid metal sword + Mystifying mixture Trodain Castle Invisible Swordsman(R) (1/256) Treasure chest on third floor which requires the Ultimate Key
Sandstorm spear 67 Hero Crafted / 5500G Partisan + Saint's ashes Alchemy Pot NONE Tool use: Casts Dazzle when used as a tool in battle
Scourge whip 99 Jessica Crafted / 9250G Demon whip + Saint's ashes Alchemy Pot NONE
Shamshir of light 110 Angelo Crafted / 9000G Light shield + Rune staff + Shimmering dress Alchemy Pot NONE
Short bow 23 Angelo 750G 375G NONE Ascantha Bodkin bowyer(R) (1/256)
Sledgehammer 33 Yangus 1700G / 1000G Giant mallet + Iron helmet + Iron helmet Simpleton Troll(R) (1/128)
Snakeskin whip 23 Jessica Crafted / 1250G Leather whip + Scale shield Alchemy Pot Eveel(R) (1/256), Poison eveel(R) (1/128)
Soldier's sword 8 Hero Drop / 75G NONE NONE Lethal armour(N) (1/64), Skeleton(N) (1/32) The Hero starts with this equipped.
Spiked steel whip 62 Jessica 8300G / 4300G NONE Orkutsk Snapdragon(R) (1/128)
Staff of antimagic 41 Angelo, Jessica Found / 3000G Rune staff + Wizard's staff Tryan Gully NONE Tool use: Casts Fizzle when used as a tool in battle.
Staff of divine wrath 35 Angelo, Jessica 45tM / 2500G NONE Princess Minnie's Castle Ice queen(R) (1/256) Tool use: Casts Swoosh when used as a tool in battle. Give 45 tiny medals to Princess Minnie
Staff of resurrection 77 Angelo, Jessica 45000G / 22500G Life bracer + Rune staff + Yggdrasil leaf Tryan Gully NONE Tool use: Casts Zing when used as a tool in battle.
Steel broadsword 35 Hero, Jessica 2000G / 1000G NONE Ascantha, Pickham Boe(R) (1/256), Gargoyle(R) (1/256), Hunter mech(R) (1/32), Infernal armour(R) (1/256), Jabberwockee(R) (1/256) Kee(R) (1/256), Killing machine(R) (1/32), Skeleton soldier(R) (1/256), Zombie gladiator(R) (1/128)
Steel scythe 42 Yangus 3700G / 1650G NONE Baccarat, Neos, Savella Cathedral Fallen priest(R) (1/256)
Stone axe 20 Yangus 550G / 275G Cypress stick + Stone hardhat Alexandria, Port Prospect Hood(N) (1/64)
Stone sword 12 Hero, Jessica N/A / N/A NONE Arcadia NONE Key to Rydon's Tower
Swallowtail 53 Hero 6800G / 3400G NONE Arcadia, Orkutsk NONE Hits all enemies
Sword breaker 56 Jessica 5500G / 2700G NONE Arcadia NONE
Templar's sword 36 Angelo Found / 1175G NONE Trodain Castle Phantom fencer(R) (1/256), Volpone(R) (1/256) Treasure chest on third floor which requires the Magic Key
Thorn whip 14 Jessica 350G / 175G NONE Peregrin Quay, Simpleton Dragonthorn(R) (1/32), Redtail hipster(R) (1/128), Snapdragon(N) (1/64)
Über double-edge 76 Hero, Jessica Crafted / 3750G Double-edged sword + Saint's ashes + Saint's ashes Alchemy Pot NONE Inflicts about 10-20% extra damage whenever you successfully hit an enemy
Über falcon blade 55 Hero, Angelo, Jessica Crafted / 25000G Falcon blade + Meteorite bracer Alchemy Pot NONE Attacks twice per round, 0.75% damage per hit.
Über miracle sword 95 Hero, Jessica Crafted / 1500G Life bracer + Miracle sword Alchemy Pot NONE Recovers HP by about 1/4th of the total damage caused to the enemy
Über war hammer 69 Yangus Crafted / 16000G Mighty armlet + War hammer Alchemy Pot NONE
War Hammer.png
War hammer 51 Yangus 6700G / 3400G NONE Argonia Bazaar NONE
Wizard's staff 15 Angelo, Jessica 1300G / 650G NONE Ascantha, Simpleton Demon thunderer(R) (1/256), Lump mage(R) (1/256), Lump shaman(R) (1/256), Lump wizard(R) (1/128), Siren(R) (1/256), Witch(N) (1/64) Tool use: Casts Frizz when used as a tool in battle
Zombiesbane 54 Hero, Jessica 6300G / 3150G NONE Argonia Bazaar NONE Bonus 30% extra damage to zombified enemies
Zombie slayer 65 Hero, Jessica Crafted / 10000G Holy talisman + Zombiesbane Alchemy Pot NONE Bonus 60% extra damage to zombified enemies