List of whip alchemy recipes in Dragon Quest IX

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Name Alchemy Ingredients Stats Description Used by
Archdemon whip
  • Attack: 86
A woeful whip that whiffs worryingly of wickedness.
Demon whip
  • Attack: 72
A warped whip that whiffs worryingly of wickedness.
Dragontail whip
  • Attack: 50
A terribly tough whip designed to duplicate a dragon's tail.
Empress's whip
  • Attack: 93
A ladylike lash fondly flaunted by an empress of antiquity.
Giga gringham whip
  • Attack: 132
A reformed and remodelled revision of the Gringham whip.
Gigaspike whip
  • Attack: 68
A fortified form of the spiked steel whip.
Goddess whip
  • Attack: 106
A ladylike lash fondly flaunted by a heavenly hand.
Grinham whip
  • Attack: 118
A fantastic flail that can attack all foes at once.
Mega gringham whip
  • Attack: 124
An even more vicious version of the Gringham whip.
Scourge whip
  • Attack: 86
A ferocious whip that lashes foes like a menacing monsoon.
Serpentine whip
  • Attack: 33
A sturdy whip made from the skin of a large snake.
  • Attack: 43
A stronger and more severe version of the serpentine whip.
Snakeskin whip
  • Attack: 23
A scally whip that can hit a whole heap of enemies at once.
Spiked steel whip
  • Attack: 54
A wicked whip woven from steel wires with spiny protrusion.