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The '''Living Statue''' (originally '''Stone Hulk''', '''StoneMan / Stone Man''' in the GBC translations) is a recurring enemy in the ''[[Dragon Quest (series)|Dragon Quest]]'' series. Introduced in ''[[Dragon Quest III]]'', it is a stone statue reminiscent of a marble sculpture that was brought to life.
*For the more monster appearing in the {{DQSeries}}, see: [[Living Statue (Recurring)]]
*For an optional miniboss in {{DQ5}}, see: [[Living Statue (Dragon Quest V)]]
A Living Statue is a large, dynamically posed sculpture that can easily be passed off as a mere statue if not for its glowing eyes. Despite being endowed with life, Living Statues rarely move and actually appear to struggle when they do so, their movements often jerky, sudden, and barely different from their idle pose. This apparent difficulty is even reflected in their speech as they tend to get caught up momentarily mid-sentence, often at an awkward point in the middle of a word.
Difficulty in movement does not hamper a Living Statue's strength, however: their heavy bodies enable them to attack hard and stand up to a fair amount of punishment before they crumble.
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