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{{Monster Infobox
#REDIRECT [[Firespirit]]
|title=Lost soul
|image=[[File:Lost soul.png|70px]]
|caption=Art by [[Akira Toriyama]]
|romanji=Wandering spirit
|firstappear=''[[Dragon Quest IV]]''
'''Lost soul''' (formerly ''Rouge Whisperer'') first appeared in ''[[Dragon Quest IV]]''
===''[[Dragon Quest IV]]''===
|name=Lost soul
|game=Dragon Quest IV
|droppedItem=[[Holy water]]
===''[[Dragon Quest VIII]]''===
|family=[[Elemental family|Elemental]]
|description=The soul of a slain traveler, endlessly wandering in search of its path back home.
|locations=[[Swordsman's Labyrinth]]
|items=[[Holy water]]{{fraction|1|32}}<br>[[Magic water]]{{fraction|1|64}}
===''[[Dragon Quest IX]]''===
|name=Lost soul
|droppedItem=[[Holy water]] (common, 1/8)<br>[[Angel bell]] (rare, 1/64)
|skills="can't make up its mind"<br>Self-destruct
|locations=[[Quarantomb]]<br>[[Eastern Coffinwell]] (night)<br>[[Western Coffinwell]] (night)<br>[[Grotto]]
|description=Self-destructive miseries of the monster realm who shy away from reality, only to implode self-importantly.<br>These wandering wretches would readily renounce their roaming and undo their disrepute. They long to happen upon happiness.
===''Dragon Quest Swords''===
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