Lost soul

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Dragon Quest IV

#060 - Lost soul
HP MP Experience Gold
20 28
Attack Defense Speed
Dropped Item Holy water
Bestiary # 060
Game Dragon Quest IV
Console DS

Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest IX

#038 - Lost soul
HP MP Experience Gold
62 10 96 40
Attack Defense Speed
32 32 70
Dropped Item Holy water (common, 1/8)
Angel bell (rare, 1/64)
Locations Quarantomb
Eastern Coffinwell (night)
Western Coffinwell (night)
Skills "can't make up its mind"
Family Elemental
Bestiary # 038
Description Self-destructive miseries of the monster realm who shy away from reality, only to implode self-importantly.
These wandering wretches would readily renounce their roaming and undo their disrepute. They long to happen upon happiness.

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