Macho Picchu

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HP MP Experience Gold
4600 3690 1009
Attack Defense Speed
Locations Wind Maze
Skills Charging Attack, SwordDance
Spells Twin Hits
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PS

Macho Picchu (formerly Nengal) is a boss encountered in Dragon Quest VII. It appears to be a mucho macho that has taken possession of the wind robe. It was locked in the Wind Maze by the descendants of the Lefan Tribe.


Nengal possesses very high attack power and very high hit points. It can charge at the party and perform Sword Dance. If this is in combination with Twin Hits, this can be devastating. However, despite all of this, Nengal can only attack once per turn.

Having a TeenIdol that knows Hustle can go a long ways but beyond this, Nengal shouldn't pose a moderately leveled party too much trouble. Equipping the Sword of Miracles on either the Hero or Aira can reduce the need for healing.


Nengal is probably related to the Babylonian deity, Nergal.

Nengal's gender is never explicitly stated, Ruff bringing the matter to mind when spoken to after the fight. While Nengal, being a mucho macho in looks, appears male, it wore a robe meant to be put on a statue of a female spirit.

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