Monster recruitment

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The cast of Dragon Quest VI along with several monstrous mates.

Introduced in Dragon Quest V, the recruitment of bested beasts has appeared in some capacity in nearly every title in the series since 1992.

Dragon Quest V

Monster recruitment was simplistic in its original inception, being a fixed percentage that could not be changed by the player. If multiple recrutiable monsters appear in the same encounter, only the final felled foe will have a chance to join the Hero. In the DS and mobile versions, monster allies will only alternate between two lines of dialogue during party chat, as opposed to the fuller conversations of human characters. See the Gallery for recruitment percentages for each monster.

DS and Mobile devices

Archdemon, Bad apple, Barbatos Battle pip, Beastmaster, Blizzybody, Bomboulder, Brownie, Chimaera, Conkerer, Conkjurer, Conkuisitor, Conkuistador, Cross eye,Cureslime, Dracky, Drag-goof, Dwight, Epipany, Fandangow, Fat rat, Flamethrower,Funghoul, Ghost, Gigantes, Golem, Goodybag, Great dragon, Grudgerigar, Hades helm, Hawk man, Healslime, Hellion, Hoodlum, Hulagan, Hyperanemon, Jailcat, Killing machine, King cureslime, King slime, Liquid metal slime, Magic marionette, Man o' war, Mandrake marshal, Metal slime, Minidemon, Moosifer, Mudraker, Old man of the sea, Orc king, Pip fighter, Pocus poppet, Powie yowie, Prestidigitator, Rebjørn, Restless armour, Revaulting horse, Rockbomb, Rotten apple ,Saber, Samigina, Slime, Slime knight, Small fry, Snowbird, Starkers, Ticking timeburrm, Walking corpse, Warhog, Wax murderer, Wiz pip

Unavailable in PS2 version

Archdemon, Jailcat

Unavailable in SNES version

Archdemon, Bad apple, Blizzybody, Beast master, Dwight, Fat rat, Flamethrower, Funghoul, Ghost, Hades helm, Hawkman, Hulagan, Metal slime, Mudraker, Pocus poppet, Restless armour, Rotten apple, Wax murderer, and the Conk and Pip families.

Dragon Quest VI

In the original SNES version of VI monster recruitment worked identically to V, though someone in the party must be a Monster Master. When the DS version (and subsequent mobile ports) were produced, this mechanic was retired in favor of "Slime Buddies": slimes players could interact with in towns and dungeons like NPCs who would join the party once certain conditions were met. These slimes are not treated as full characters, however, and thus lack the detailed party chat of humans and Lizzie.

In both versions of the game, any recruited slime may enter into the gladiatorial contests at Slimopolis.

Available in the SNES version

Sprite Monster Name Recruit Rate
Battering ram 116
Bosstroll DQVI SNES.gif
Boss troll 116
Dreamaera 132
Feralball 18
Gustbluster 164
Healslime 116
High djinks 1256
Lesser demon 14
Liquid metal slime 1256
Lips 164
Mud mannequin 164
Overkilling machine 164
Rockbomb 132
Slime 12
Slime knight 14
Sluggernaut 14
Walking corpse 132

Available in the DS version

Sprite Monster Name Location
Goowain Howcastle
Healie Clearvale
Dq6 mottle slime.png
Spot Castle Graceskull
Dq6 king slime.png
Kingsley Château de Sass
Goober Slimopolis
Dq6 cure slime.png
Curie Suite dreams
Shelley Undersea Inn
Mercury Suite dreams

Dragon Quest VII

VII is an interesting case; while several monsters can join the heroes, they will never participate in battle. Instead, they will sojourn off to a sort of "wild life reserve" called the Monster Meadows that is unlocked during the normal course of the game. Once there, they can be spoken to in their natural habitat as if they were NPCs, though only one line of dialogue will be spoken. The Animal Magnetism skill makes taming these beasts much easier than in previous games, being the first time a player has direct influence on the probability.

Additionally, defeated monsters will occasionally drop Hearts. These function similarly to the Draconic Diligence and Liquid Metal Mind scrolls from VI and allow the character holding them to take on monster-based vocations at Alltrades Abbey. The main difference is that a character's sprite/model will change into the corresponding monster once the vocation is mastered.

  • In the 3DS remake, the character will immediately become a monster after using a heart.

Dragon Quest VIII

In the PS2 version of the game, players will notice several monsters wandering the overworld. These infamous beasties prove much more capable than their randomly encountered counterparts, but once the player pays a visit to Morrie's place they can join the party. This allows the monsters to enter the competition in Morrie's Monstrous Pit, and through the use of the Call team skill they may be summoned into battle for 3 or more turns. All recruited monsters grow more powerful as the Hero's level rises, and do not need to gain battle experience themselves.

  • In the 3DS port, all monsters are visible in the overworld, with the infamous monsters being given distinctive icons.

Available in all versions

Archer, Archfiend, Arges Big Al, Bishop, Bladewolf, Blizag Jr, Bones, Brickman, Brontes, Bush-W, Capers, Clio, Cowboy, Curer, Cybot, Deadnoble, Dolldrums, Doug, Dumbking, Fat cat, Faunus, Flameman, Fletch, Foul fowl, Frillsaur, Goldman, Gryphus, Hackzilla, Hazel, Healer, Hev, Hoodwink, Hori, Hork, Jack Frost, Jewelbag, Jockey, Klub kong, Lonely Joe, McHammer, Mechabubo, Metabble, Metaly, Moppet, Mornstar, Nightwing, Nohi, Octurion, Orcus, Orrid, Pa Troll, Potbelly, Roborg, Robster, Sagittari, Salsa, Scorpius, Seasaw, Sippy, Skeledoid, Slurpy, Smiles, Snap Case, Spike, Spot, Squiggles, Steropes, Stoneman, Sugi, Talos, Torchman, Tori, Trick Bag, Twiggy

Dragon Quest X

Certain monsters can be recruited by players beginning in version 2.4 Taming is done through a skill attack that creates a fixed 10% chance to capture the monster once it falls. The skill does not need to be the final blow of the battle; as long as it has been used over the course of the encounter the chance to recruit the beast is established. Monsters that have joined players are controlled through A.I. and essentially serve as party members for times when the player's fiends and comrades are offline.