Moonrise moss

Moonrise moss is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series. It is a type of glowing moss that is used as a crafting material.

Moonrise moss
Moonrise moss dqtr icon.png
Japanese たそがれゴケ
Romaji Tasogare goke
Old localizations Dragon Quest X
Dragon Quest Treasures
Found in N/a
Effect Used as an ingredient to create items.


Dragon Quest XEdit

Moonrise moss is used as a material for crafting armour. It can be picked up from sparkly spots in the Netherworld or dropped rarely by certain monsters, including Vicious golems, Vicious harmours, Dullahans, and Hell's gatekeepers.

Dragon Quest TreasuresEdit

Moonrise moss is dropped by all variants of the Golem or sometimes received by sending a dispatch team to the Hotbreath Halt area of the Maneland. It is mainly used for cooking dishes at the canteen or scouting monsters.