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    19 March 2022

    • curprev 13:3113:31, 19 March 2022Aphelion talk contribs 1,937 bytes +1,937 Created page with "{{Item |title = Mugger's mask |image = Image:DQH Muggers mask.png |japanese = かいとうの仮面 |romaji = {{tt|Kaitō no kamen|Phantom thief's mask}} |names = N/a |games = {{DQ10}}<br>{{DQH}} |effect = Increases the wearer's Deftness. (''X'' only)<br>Increases the drop rate of ingredients. (''Heroes'' only) }} The '''mugger's mask''' is a recurring accessory in the {{DQSeries}}. It is the stylish mask of a mysterious phantom thief that either gives a boost t..."