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Nadiria is the name of the evil underworld in Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI. It is accessible only near the end of each game and contains the final dungeon and boss for each. It has its own world map which is typically much darker (and smaller) than the normal world map.

Its counterpart is Zenithia, a castle in the sky which also appears in all 3 games.


Dragon Quest IV

Nadiria lies beneath the Central Island. Access is granted through a cave said to lead to the abyss. Nadiria itself appears as an enclosed realm containing both Heaven's Haven and Psaro's Castle, along with four barrier shrines.

Monsters in the area

Dragon Quest V

Nadiria lies beyond the Estuary Sanctuary, normally sealed from the world. The Grandmaster of the Underworld has been steadily trying to extend his influence beyond Nadiria. The underworld consists of wild tropical jungles and treacherous canyons underneath a churning sky. Locales within this realm include a town called Precaria, as well as a T'n'T board and Mt. Zugzwang.

Monsters in the area

(South side)
(North side)

Dragon Quest VI

Nadiria contains several towns in Dragon Quest VI, including: Despairia, Greedmore Valley & Gallows Moor. It also contains 2 shrines (Lotus Lagoon & Prison of Sorrow) which provide access to return to the real world. Mortamor's Dreadlair is the last location visited in Nadiria and is the location of the final boss.

In order to reach Nadiria, the heroes must have acquired the Reigns of Pegasus. This item allows Falchion, the horse which pulls the wagon to fly and reach Nadiria.

Monsters in the area

(Nearby Lotus Lagoon/Despairia)
(Nearby Greedmore Valley)
(Nearby Gallows Moor)
(Nearby Prison of Sorrow/Mortamor's Dreadlair)

Name origin

  • The name "Nadiria" is derived from nadir, meaning the lowest point, or (appropriately) point of greatest adversity or despair.



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