Nadiria Watchtower

The Nadiria Watchtower[1] is a dungeon in Dragon Quest IV. It connects the Doorway to Nadiria to the rest of Nadiria with a rope bridge suspended over a sea of lava.


Unlike other dungeons, the party actually starts at the top of the watchtower and must make their way to the base to exit. The shrine of Heaven's Haven is due south after leaving the tower, while Castle Nadiria is found to the north. Although the tower is short and has a straightforward layout, it is worth revisiting in the future as various Metal slimes can be encountered there.



Nearby monstersEdit


  • The tower only received a name in Japanese starting with the Sony PlayStation version of the game. It was not mentioned in the Official Guide Book for the original Famicom version.
  • The dungeon has the distinction of being the only tower in the game that party can enter with the wagon in tow.



  1. Name taken from the Brady Games Official Strategy Guide.