Old Man Nick Knack

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Dragon Quest series character
Old Man Nick Knack
Dragon Quest V
DQV Old Man Nick Knack.png
Race Human/Ghost

Old Man Nick Knack (Yuujii/ゆうじい in the Japanese Version) was introduced in the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation 2 versions of DQ V.


Old Man Nick Knack died of old age waiting for certain goods to arrive at the Knick-knackatory, but became a ghost and continued to wait. After The Hero delivers the special products, he becomes the curator of the museum. He calls himself "Ghost Grandfather", because he has forgotten his real name. While this character's name is similar to that of Yuji Horii, the game creator has stated in a prerelease interview that the two are unrelated.


Old Man Nick Knack's diary can be read from a bookshelf in his bedroom and changes depending on how the Knick-knackatory is managed:

Entry 1

'Today is the... Well, today's the day after yesterday. Just like every other day.

'But anyway, this fella brought me a Maxi medal, so he did! 'Twas the least I could do to appoint him as curator.

'I wonder whether he'll make a go of the museum or not. Maybe he'll make it into the grand knick-knackatory I always dreamt of.'

Entry 2

(Written after the basement has all Knick-Knacks.)

'Today is the... Well, today's today, that's what it is!

'So anyway, the fella hasn't put a single article on display! He's put the whole lot in the box room...

'I'm startin' to wonder if he doesn't have sometin' against me...'

Entry 3

(Written after 6 or more Knick-Knacks are placed on the first floor.)

'Today's some day or other, I can't rightly remember when.

'But it doesn't matter. The point is, the place is finally startin' to look like a knick-knackatory. 'Tis slow progress, but it's gettin' there.

'Ye can't be too quick-quack with the knick-knacks, though. Slow and steady, that's the key. That way I can keep an eye on the fella.'

Entry 4

(Written after all pedestals in the basement and the first floor have Knick-Knacks, plus one pedestal on the second floor having one.)

'Ah, me ole diary. How's she cuttin'? D'ye happen to know what the day is, do ye?

'Well anyway, he's found me a fair few knick-knacks now, so he has.

'It won't be long 'til every pedestal in the place is taken. I can hardly contain meself!'