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Dragon Quest Monsters +
Omelette main image.png
Japanese name タマミ
Race Human
Age Around 14

Omelette is a character from the Dragon Quest Monsters + manga. She is based on the unnamed egg consultant character from the original game the book is derived from.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Omelette wears a simple gown over a matching long-sleeved shirt and pants, and she carries her harp with her at all times. Her bangs are split into three large sections, and her neck-length hair frays up and outwards in two large points at the sides.

Omelette works as the egg appraiser and consultant for the kingdom of GreatTree, an occupation she finds to be fun and rewarding. She also enjoys strumming her harp's strings, though her talent with the instrument is up for debate. Omelette is also rather mischievous, and enjoys teasing boys younger than herself with her figure.


Dragon Quest Monsters +[edit]

Omlette's dedication to her profession

Omelette is the first citizen of GreatTree to greet Kleo as he enters the world through Watabou's magic, waking him up with her harp when he falls asleep on the starry night shrine. Omelette develops an immediate crush the lad at first sight, thanking Watabou for finding a Monster Master that is "just [her] type". Upon waking Kleo up, she escorts him up to the kingdom proper, showing him the incredible view of the colossal tree over looking the forest stretching for hundreds of miles below it before escorting him to the King's throne room. Omelette is also the first character in the manga to mention Terry and allude to his disappearance, and the one to introduce Kleo to Jr. the small fry before he departs through his first Teleportal.

Omelette seems to have a one-sided rivalry with the Monster Master Machiko, disapproving of her sultry garb and insisting she keep away from Kleo.