Pei is a town in Sky World in Dragon Quest Monsters 2. The inhabitants tell Cobi or Tara that the MadCondor likes shiny monsters, offering a hint as to how to access its lair.

Item ShopEdit

Name Price Effect
ExitBell 100 Transports your party outside a dungeon.
LoveWater 60 Restores 60-70 HP.
Potion 250 Restores 20-30 MP.
Repellent 120 Repels monsters.
Rib 100 Reduces ally's wild stat by 20. Makes enemies like you quite a bit.
Sirloin 1500 Reduces ally's wild stat by 100. Makes enemies like you a lot.
Warp Staff 100 Warps you to the Magic Door shrine.
WorldDew 600 Completely heals party.