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Dragon Quest III
Japanese name ポポタ
Romaji Popota
Old localization Popota

Petya is a character from Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation. He is a young boy from the remote town of Mur.


Petya is a rambunctious young child who regularly sneaks out of the village to play in the wilderness; however, he always returns in time for dinner and bed. One day while playing outside the village, he found an unconscious Ortega and alerted the villagers. As Ortega, whom he called Peredvizhnik (Originally Papagatero and Pokapa in past translations of III) recovered in Mur, the two of them became close; Ortega compared Petya to his child back home. Before leaving the village to continue his journey, Ortega gifted Peyta his helmet to remember him by. In the years thereafter, Petya continued to idolize Ortega.

When the Hero visits Mur, Petya initially mistakes them for Ortega before correcting himself. Upon learning they are Ortega's child, Petya gives them Ortega's helmet, believing it belongs with them. Afterwards, Petya will ask if the Hero can one day bring Ortega back to the village.


  • Petya will confuse the player for Ortega regardless of which sex the Hero is
  • In the NES version, Ortega gifted Petya a Water blaster