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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VII
DQVII Hondara.png
Race Human
Family Pollock (Brother)
Pearl (Sister-in-law)
The Hero (Nephew)

Pike (formerly Hondara) is the hero's uncle in Dragon Quest VII.

Pike's brother, Pollock, is a skilled fisherman and is well regarded by the citizens of Pilchard Bay and Estard, while Pike himself is not. As the player progresses through the early part of the game, one is inclined to distrust Pike. Pike also appears to have a serious problem with alcohol, seeing as how he is always drunk.

He is infamous throughout Estard for his frequent get-rich-quick schemes, which seldom work in his favour. The local children complain that he bullies them, and people about town remark on the many differences between Pollock and his brother. At the beginning of the game, a man at the tavern in Estard tells the Hero that Pike owes him money, and to remind him to pay up. Pearl expresses distaste for her brother-in-law, and warns the hero about spending too much time with him.

The Sizzling Stone

Pike also used to have the Sizzling Stone until he sold it to Bulgio, foolishly thinking that he has gotten the better end of the deal. The Sizzling Stone is the item needed to get Sir Mervyn to join the party.


Pike is shorter than his brother Pollock, and much less muscular. He has a thin moustache, and is rarely seen without a grin on his face. He has black, slicked-back hair and tanned skin. He wears a sea-coloured snood over a deep green tunic secured with a belt, along with mustard tights and brown pointed shoes.