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Pimiko (ヒミコ?) is a character from Dragon Quest III. She is the Queen and ruler of Jipang.

By the time the Hero arrives in Jipang, the real Pimiko has been killed by the Orochi, who then assumed the role of Pimiko and ordered the villagers to sacrifice young women, ostensibly to appease the Orochi.

In the remake, Pimiko can be found alive and well on the upper floor of Jipang's pachisi track, which can only be unlocked via a wish granted by defeating Xenlon after finishing the main game. She seems to be wandering around aimlessly, and mentions that she's not quite sure what she's doing in such a place.


  • Pimiko is based on Himiko, a Queen from Japanese history and legend.
  • Despite the player being unable to do so, the old man in Greenlad can take the form of Pimiko with the usage of the Staff of Change.